Friday, June 22, 2018

OPCW Squirts another al-Qaeda Press Release against Syria

image-OPCW Squirts another al-Qaeda Press Release against Syria
Baboons -- er, 'medics'? -- keep busy when not building unhospitals in Ltamenah.
OPCW continues to function as the press liaison for al Qaeda, in and against Syria. Using its efficient template — only needing to replace names and dates — on 13 June this gang again established itself as fraudulent.  Physical forensics and even custodial chain of custody have been made irrelevant by “scientists” who do not know the meaning of the word confirm. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons forfeited all legitimacy post Khan Sheikhoun.

The fraudulent chemical weapons inspection watchdogs admitted no inspectors were deployed into that part of Idlib because the Nusra terrorists were so scary (which is why OPCW did its “inspection” in Turkey) but the Nusra verbal reports and eye of newt evidence were made the basis of.. Continue reading:

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