Friday, November 17, 2017

Life in Syria – by a French Journalist

This is a must read short documentary by a French journalist who worked with an NGO in Syria and returned back to his country in May 2017. He describes firsthand his observations and his remarks and also parts of his conversations with Syrians in different cities from Daraa in the south to Aleppo in the north.

I just came back from Syria 3 months ago. I was working there with a French NGO as a communication manager. This allowed me to travel around many parts of the country, from Daraa to Aleppo.

Conditions of life:

They vary from place to place, so I will describe daily facts about some of the cities I have had the opportunity to stay in.

• Take Latakia or Tartus for example:

Even if they indirectly suffered from war (electricity and such), they didn’t experience it first hand as badly as in Aleppo or Homs. They have seaside resorts where you can swim on a white sanded beach cornered by palm trees after breakfast, and spend the rest of your day jet skying. Crazy right? (that doesn’t mean that the Syrian people have enough money to enjoy those luxuries though, of course).
image-Tartus, fishermen enjoying the last sunbeams of the dayTartus, fishermen enjoying the last sunbeams of the day
• Aleppo:
But cities like Homs or Aleppo have heavily suffered from war. Aleppo was just liberated in December 2016. I was based there for a time, and every day I was shocked (in a good way) to see how quickly the city began it’s “usual” life again. Shops that used to be closed due to heavy bombings... Continue reading: 

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