Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Can You Trust Former Terrorists Who Join the Reconciliation in Syria?

Commenting on the news of 1,200 former terrorists dropping their weapons and joining the Syrian Arab Armed Forces to fight terrorists (http://www.syrianews.cc/1200-terrorists-convert-saa-damascus-western-countryside/#comment-31550), We've been asked how could we trust 'the ex-terrorists' and putting logical reasons behind such a question.

Answering a question on how to monitor these terrorists we had the following reply:

That's a very fair and true question. It's impossible to monitor these people but there's a hidden fact everybody tends to forget or ignore about Syria especially in the media: Syrians never wanted to go against their state. In fact, the Syrian army is mainly from 'Sunni' areas and the majority of ranking officers in both the army and the leading Ba'ath Party were and still are from Dara'a province, believe it or not.

Note how not the brightest are on the opposition side, rather the less fortunate in education. Two brothers within the video, the more eloquent is from the army and his less eloquent is from the 'rebels'. That's just a small example.

We always thought Syria would never be a part of the evil western-led 'Arab Spring', we have nothing to revolt against comparing with the countries that witnessed the events. This led the instigators and backers of the 'Arab Spring' plot to recruit thugs to push riots and attack both police and protesters at the same time.

Those, like these men in this report, who joined the other side, couldn't resist the overwhelmingly propaganda and inducements, they weren't educated properly to critically analyze what's really behind the riots unlike the vast majority of Syrians, thanks to a special free education program led by the Syrian president Dr. Bashar and of course his late father Hafez Assad. Most have joined the other side believing the propaganda by the western and regional media and because they don't like killings in the first place. When they saw what their foreign 'colleagues' are doing and the reality they came back and switched their guns they received from those to fight the real killers. Syrians are very peaceful people residing in the world's hottest conflict zones throughout history.

How would you justify that a not big country like Syria, with the massive intense influx of over 350,000 FOREIGN terrorists (their figures not ours) from all borders including the world's filthiest filth and scumbags of all subhumans the ISIS, Nusra (Al Qaeda Levant), and others, how would you justify Syria is not only steadfast but winning back? Yes, we have allies, but if you pay careful attention you will see our allies themselves are always praising the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the major work is done by the SAA not our allies, besides, nobody would fight for you if you don't want to fight yourself.

Check this testimony by Hizbullah's head of parliament bloc Mr. Muhammad Raad about the SAA:


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