Friday, November 27, 2015

ISIS Never Attacks Israel - Paris Attacks to Serve as False Flag to Target Assad

In the following video Brother Nathaneal opens eyes about the connections between the Israeli terror organization known as Mossad and its creations the other terrorist groups like ISIS, Nusra Front (al-Qaeda Levant), FSA et al.

A Unit of Francoise Hollande Forces at Paris Saint Senis Bar

It's no secret that members of terrorist groups are treated in Zionist hospitals then sent again to resume their terrorist activities in Syria, what's very difficult for western citizens to understand is how much complicit is their own government, their most trusted western mainstream media channels and those of their allies in terror attacks against themselves, the western citizens paying their hard-earned tax dollars to feed these evil monsters.

What the citizens of the western countries, especially NATO member states should do is instead of blindly trusting their media and political sources, is to look for alternative media that makes better sense, because for instance, this is how they've been fed about what's happening in Syria:

Syrian Crisis Simplified for Western Dummies

And the lies continue.

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