Friday, March 21, 2014

Collection of Cartoons Depicting Erdoğan Twitter Ban

In a world tending to open societies and sharing information, dictators and corrupt bad doers feel more threatened of getting exposed, especially with the free flow of information through social media sites, that's what the embattled and paranoid prime minister of Turkey Erdoğan expressed explicitly with his latest ban on Twitter.

The leader of the fascist Muslim Brotherhood party in Turkey Known best for the blood he caused to spill in neighboring Syria through the import of tens of thousands of Alqaeda terrorists, turning his country into the biggest prison in the world for political journalists, his billions stolen, his role in the strife among Muslims.. among other bad things, the man topped all and banned Twitter, the microblogging social media platform to keep a tight control ahead of the much anticipated municipal elections expected to release Turkey from the grip of his and his fanatic party.

Turks were not happy and blogged, tweeted, and rose their voices against this latest Faraman, the Ottoman style decisions. Cartoonists joined and the following are a few samples.

Worth noting that the paranoid Erdoğan has banned my website in Turkey last year making it one of the first websites victims of his dictatorship: 


  1. Thanks for posting this. I had not heard about this yet. I have been worried about the direction Turkey has taken the past 10 years.....this helps me understand it a bit more. I did not know muslim brotherhood was PM in Turkey. The Syrian crisis I view as a civil war created by the muslim brotherhood and certain individuals in Saudi Arabian and Qatar. The Turk part in this seemed obvious from the men and material entering Syria via Turkey. I hope more Syrians will move from FSA to Regime and that the Regime and keep the external influnces out of Syria.

  2. twitter in the middle east? HMMMM I think it's a good idea to ban it because the durka durkas are gonna plan terrorist activity with it!



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