Sunday, October 7, 2012

Iran & Hizbullah to Pay for September 11!

When stupidity is abundant expect anything

Every theory is accepted in the terrorist September 11, 2001 attacks on the 2 World Trade Center Towers WTC 1 & WTC2 when the 3rd the WTC7 fell down by itself in a unprecedented, remarkable & miraculous show of solidarity, all theories accepted except that it was a not even perfect inside job, that is not tolerated at all.. You'll be a 'Conspiracy Theory Believer', which of course is enough to mock the hell out of anybody in the west.

Let's first agree that there's no such thing as a 'Conspiracy Theory', and the fact that only good guys are in total power in the West in general and especially in the USA, but only after clearing what exactly is the job definition of the CIA, the long hand of the US intelligence services abroad, presumably only abroad?! 

9/11 terrorist attacks were conducted by some cavemen who left the mountainous caves in Tora Bora and invaded the soil of the USA in retaliation for the support and financing the US intelligence & military services provided them to liberate Afghanistan from the occupation of the Soviet Union, they were called prior 9/11 the Mujahideen, the holy fighters of Islam, later Alqaeda later terrorists later freedom fighters later rebels, against the communist infidel invaders. 

Hey, don't laugh, tens of thousands of people, mostly civilians, lost their lives, their loved ones, a limb or more, a house or whole families in that war and the ensuing wars in Afghanistan till date, but the price is worth it, right? No, don't get me wrong, not the goal of democratizing the tribes of Kandahar with those of Mazari Sharif, no, it's those other stuff the CIA is good at like opium planting, manufacturing and exporting, or maybe the $1 Trillion untapped mineral riches, in addition to the known ones, the country contains, and of course there's always the pipelines, oil & gas, the new silk road to screw Russia on one hand by squeezing their economy to death which is dependent mainly on oil & gas exports, screw China on another hand by making it dependent on US sponsored sources of power, screw everybody else in your imagination from Iran to Pakistan, India, South East Asia, throughout the Middle East.. I'm not exaggerating, but all these countries are on the route of those pipe lines, see Nabuccu Gas Pipeline Route, or this piece dated October 12, 2010 Pipelineistan's New Silk Road, or if you like to see Why Syria?

Ok, that was a nice introductory and 'intelligent' thinking on behalf of the USA against sovereign nations it turns into foes then 'democratize' them, but that also explains when Iraq suddenly had a role in the 9/11 attacks, somehow and it needed to be 'democratized', punished, invaded, whatever.. it doesn't matter anymore after tens of thousands, actually hundreds of thousands (100,000s), lost their lives, over 4 million Iraqis displaced internally, 1.5 million fled to Syria, another million scattered between Jordan and Egypt and we should not forget the 'noble' acceptance of few thousands in the countries that invaded Iraq.

Should read: The Arab Spring, A Spontaneous Public Uprising, Or Is It?
But the most absurd of all of the accusation so far is accusing Iran & Hizbulla for September 11 attacks, Iran & Hizb are the worst foe of Alqaeda based of course on the latter's religious ideology of Takifiri [labeling everybody else a Kafir (infidel) & justifying their killing based on a twisted interpretation of Quran introduced by the British occupiers of Arabia on the hands of the Muhammad Ben Abdul Wahhab, the father of Wahhabism, a brand new religion to harm Islam]. Iran a mainly Shiite nation and Hizbullah the Shiite political party fighting israel in South Lebanon.

Well, since you were smart enough and connected the dots: Shiites vs Sunnis, a holy war that destroys everything, promoted initially by the Brits, sponsored later and developed by the CIA, with the only intention of securing israel.. <= A conspiracy theory?! 

Not to mention the symbolic verdict for so many reasons, but the fact of including Iran and Hizbullah in the verdict only aims to further demonizing in the public opinion these 2 foes of israel, it's strange though why the Syrian 'regime' was not accused with this one, yet?! 

They fool you, they keep fooling you & they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable.

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