Friday, October 12, 2012

FSA Murders Dr. Tasabihji Head of University Hospital in Aleppo

Dr. Mahmoud Tasabihji, ENT specialist & head of Aleppo University Hospital killed by FSA thugs
Since knowledge is their biggest enemy & since Syria has dedicated a lot of its budget to teaching & science, Turkey sponsored FSA terrorists put as one of their main aims in their quest to 'democratize' the country the western style, to kill knowledge, literally..

Draining brains is a very old and known technique used by the West against countries opposing any foreign hegemony on them, we've seen that in former USSR countries, we've seen tens of Iraqi scientists killed if not accepting to move to USA in particular, and we're seeing it in assassinating the Iranian scientist. In the previous wave of terror Syria witnessed during 1967 through 1982, the preferred target of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization was to drain the county of any of its brains, their first hit was Dr. Muhammad Al Fadel, head of Damascus University, who was an expert in international law, he was killed in February 1977, Dr. Ibrahim Naameh head of Dentists Union in March 1978, also an expert in his profession & Dr. Shehadeh Khalil the prominent neurosurgeon assassinated in August 1979, he was a very well known surgeon in his field in the world then, to name a few.

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, the FSA thugs, sons of their former Muslim Brotherhood terrorists, had a list of Syrian brains to be killed, a number were killed in the quest of 'democratizing' the country like Dr. Ahlam Imad (Muslim), a professor in Petrochemical in Baath University in Homs with 5 of her family members on June 28,2011; nuclear scientist Aws Abdul Karim Khalil (Muslim) assassinated in Homs on September 28,2011; General scientist professor Nabil Zogheib (Christian) with his wife & 2 sons were killed on 21 July 2012 in Damascus, Brigadier Dr. Issa Al Khouli (Christian) head of Hamish military hospital was killed near his house in Rukn Eddin in Damascus on 11 February 2012, to name a few.

Dr. Mahmoud Tasabihji (Muslim) head of the University Hospital in Aleppo and a prominent very well known ENT specialist in Aleppo city was kidnapped 6 weeks ago from front of his house in Al Sabeel neighborhood by a group of armed FSA terrorists. Today October 12, 2012, his body was found in Castillo neighborhood in Aleppo city with a number of bullet wounds on his body and one shot was in his head.

While Islam promotes learning and honors scientists, the very first verse in holy Quran started with the word Read, prophet Muhammad PBuH insisted on Muslims to 'seek knowledge even if it's in China' these Wahhabi freaks came out in the name of Islam just to kill scientists and destroy knowledge, which makes us wonder what type of Islam do they actually represent, if it was Islam in the first place?!

Syrian Nuclear Scientist Aws Abdul Karim Khalil assassinated by FSA thugs in Homs
Professor Ahlam Imad assassinated by FSA thugs in Homs
Professor Engineer Nabil I. Zoghaib was killed by FSA thugs along with his wife & 2 sons
So how is that 'spontaneous peaceful public uprising' working with you now? 

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