Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Lunatic Syrian 'Revolution' Godfather Aroor

To understand what Syrians are facing you need to know who is leading the so called Syrian 'revolution' against them, and who is better than the godfather of this so called revolution to give you an idea? Cleric Adnan Al Aroor, leading the 'revolution' through his Safa & Wisal satellite TV channels broadcasting from Saudi on the same Arabsat & Nilesat satellite channels that removed the Syrian official channels and left these.. 

Cleric Adnan Al Aroor in this video calls on the burning of Damascus, the capital with all means like burning trees, stones, pouring the already scarce oil & fuel due to western sanctions on the streets and burn it, wrap rugs with fuel and burn it... etc. enjoy watching this joker then remember how Syrians are suffering from the followers of this freak whom follow his instructions precisely (turn English subtitles cc on):

In a second appearance the same person goes rabid over news that one of the Turkey's sponsored collection of Syrian oppositions known as Syrian National Council SNC members confirm he witnessed Al Qaeda fighters in Aleppo city fighting under the wing of the again Turkish FSA thugs, this guy freaks out and wants to cover the existence of Al Qaeda terrorists in the media, although their presence is more than evidenced in so many media and international reporters and observers (with English subtitles): 

'If anybody says there's Alqaeda in Syria he's a traitor' - Adnan Al Aroor, because Al Qaeda is one of the branches of the so called FSA terrorists, which the western media are trying their best to alienate and give an impression it's only composed of 'defected' Syrian soldiers who are 'fighting Al Qaeda'..!! 2 NATO sponsored factions fighting each others on the Syrian land?! Yeah, right.

They fool you, they keep fooling you & they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable

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