Saturday, August 4, 2012

Western Media Jump To Rescue Reuters Credibility

New York Times 'Blogs' have taken on their shoulders the mission to try to rescue whatever is left of Reuters credibility compromised by the incident yesterday, when the western News Agency, which is the source of all NATO aligned media, have posted at least 2 reports on its blog site, one of them an interview with the head of the Turkish (NATO members state) sponsored terrorist group the FSA, Free Syrian Army, or to justify their terrorism call them 'Freedom Fighters', this so called leader cries in the interview of being a victim to a ploy by the Qataris and Saudis, the FSA's main financiers and weapon suppliers, that they're leading his troops to their slaughter by the Syrian Army, and his declaration of withdrawing from the city of Aleppo after sustaining heavy losses, 1,000 FSA terrorists killed, over 1,500 arrested by the Syrian authorities, and his intention to further withdraw from all other cities. 

The second article exposes, maybe innocently the fact that the same FSA terrorists have acquired chemical weapons and gas masks in order to carry out a chemical or biological attack against civilians to blame it on the Syrian army as they've carried out earlier the infamous Houla and Tremseh massacres and were found later to be the culprits of these two horrible and heinous massacres, but only after the goal of blaming was achievable during the UNSC sessions held within hours of each of these 2 crimes against humanity..

As we rightly asked yesterday whether Reuters is a Credible News Agency?, it's amazing to see clients of this agency, namely NY Times in this case jump to rescue their doomed once leading news agency by all means even if they have to target other journalists carrying out their duty from inside Syria and on the ground, people whom actually received death threats from FSA terrorists for exposing their fake achievements and the reality of this terrorist organization, unlike say Reuters reporter Mr. Khaled Oweis, comfortably stationed in Amman, Jordan and basing most of his reports on again another comfortably stationed one man show kiosk in London, UK the SOHR, or Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, or on 'activists' without any shred of credibility or even proper names.

Just yesterday a group under the wings of the terrorist FSA organization declared they executed a prominent Syrian TV presenter after kidnapping him on July 21st near his house in Damascus countryside in what was known then to be the Zero Hour where all Syrian based media would be cut off air and then frequencies hijacked in order to air news of the falling of the Syrian state in the hands of the NATO backed rebels, they had to kidnap Mr. Mahmoud Saeed as a well known figure among Syrians to give credibility to their story among the simple masses of the Syrians by forcing him to read such statements, he paid his life as per their confession yesterday for not accepting the pressure, he was under torture as obvious in this picture they posted of him:

And like this hit order where they place a picture of a target and all they need to do is label him 'an informant' or a 'Shabeeh', and all his crime would be a 'Public Employee' refusing to join their 'peaceful revolution':

Then he gets killed later and they'll brag about his killing just like they were wishing for his death, as we've seen in so many cases so far.

It's not a surprise that all NATO aligned media in the west and their stooges elsewhere would jump to help one another to further a goal set to be achieved, but it's becoming very lame just as described below in reaction to the NY Times Blog attempting to rescue Reuters credibility:
So who to believe now? The 'imposer' or Reuters denying reports written hastily maybe not by the same gentlemen's names but could be one of those hundreds of 'activists' and just didn't have time to edit it properly, using the names of such prominent journos to give credibility, and the fact they're not working with Reuters now gives the agency an additional base to fool people, like the author of this same article maybe on NY Times Blogs, that see: it's not us, our servers were hacked?! 

Well, if it was actually Reuters posting these news then withdrawing them for whatever reason, maybe some embassies interference as the case by so many agencies, that's very harming to Reuters credibility, especially that even Media Watch from ABC News Australia has harshly criticized the unprofessional coverage of Reuters of events in Syria, there's a youtube video for that, just google it, or if its servers were really hacked, that adds stupidity to their failing credibility...!

I personally wouldn't be surprised to see any western news agencies including this very same NY Times faking any piece of news, or manipulating one to serve NATO's goal anywhere, remember how Barbara Walters distorted, edited, and manipulated the interview with Syrian president Assad on December 7, 2011 on ABC News USA, and was subject to severe criticism, herself and her agency for doctoring the interview to show the Syrian leader as disconnected and crazy as the White House spokesperson put it then in a press conference based on the edited snaps of the interview ABC aired, before the Syrian FM spokesperson showed parts of the interview in a press conference, the entire interview which ABC producers thought the Syrians didn't have a copy of, and defaced ABC News, then only the US 'prominent' station had to air the raw interview..! And what a disconnected and crazy leader who manages to fight back against the overwhelming 'secret' orders by NATO member states to infiltrate his country thus far..?!!

Let's not forget how CNN, another prominent news agency, went with terrorists to Baba Amro in Homs, placed a camera, went to a site where an explosion would occur after 16 hours, back to the camera location to fix the angle, again back to the site of the explosion after it actually happened, the same was defaced by Syrian state tv, and could be the reason why Syrian channels are banned in many western countries, and even the Arab League western stooges issued a decree to take it off FTA satellite broadcasting, google "CNN Knew About September 11 Attacks 16 Hours Earlier" you might not like it.

So again: Who to believe? 
'They fool you, they keep fooling you and they enjoy fooling you, not because they're smart, it's because you're foolable'

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  1. Maybe this would add some salt to their injuries:

    CNN Ratings Plummet 80% Year Over Year

  2. If you google “Who owns Reuters?” the answers that come up are The Rothschilds. You go to Wikipedia, for example, to confirm, and it doesn’t say anything about it. However, it seems to be true.
    Pehr G. Gyllenhammar M.Sc. Law
    Vice Chairman of European Unit and Senior Advisor of Rothschild Group worldwide, N M Rothschild & Sons Limited
    Chairman of The Board Reuters Founders Share Company Ltd.
    If the Rothschilds control Reuters, as seems to be the case, then Reuters has no credibility whatsoever. Sometimes they will give us the truth and sometimes they won’t, according to their needs.

  3. Screenshots of the two articles that Reuters published & later removed can be found here >>