Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Syrian Opposition's Bankruptcy

They tried every single way in the books, they improvised, they reacted, they copied from others, they fabricated stories, news, facts, they pronounced people dead when they were very alive, they came up with tons of lies and fiction stories just to buy some sympathy from the streets in Syria to their fake revolution and they didn't only fail, they failed miserably.

The problem is not in their failure, the problem is in their denial of failure which is costing more blood to be spilled of the Syrian people from both the noble army they tried to demonize and from the civilians.

They don't feel ashamed from confessing that nobody supports them, and they know that the entire world knows them by now that they are much less than few, the total number of all opposition figures including the terrorists under the Turkish umbrella dubbed the FSA 'Free Syrian Army' do not exceed a couple of thousands, and if we take out the terrorists of Syrian origin, the number of politicians opposing the Syrian government are the total of those figures you see on NATO mouthpiece stations: about 200 plus minus 5%.

The limits they reach in their propaganda are too astonishing that some people of the 'Foolable' continue to be fooled endlessly. One of their examples is this opposition figure claiming to be talking from Homs under the 'Syrian Army Indiscriminate Shelling' -the same word you hear every time a number of terrorists pop up from the sewage they hide in- and this opposition spokesperson talks about "the shelling is so fierce that led to decapitated bodies are wandering in the streets of Homs", watch this youtube video at 4:40

And if bodies without heads are wandering in the streets of Homs is not an awakening shock, check this blog where they have embedded a YouTube video clip, since their entire 'revolution' is based on YouTube video clips, where they placed the Syrian private TV station Addounia logo to give an impression that the report is from this station, they also added the same report intro Addounia channel uses and became its emblem in defacing the lies of Al Jazeera & Al Arabiya (Qatar Information Ministry & Saudi Arabia Information Ministry respectively), they added the intro to their fake video for the dumb to believe it's an original video by Addounia while any Syrian would know it's not even done by a Syrian citizen due to many mistakes they fell in, things like wrong names of main cities and the voice of the presenter supposed to be from Addounia where the voices of all presenters at this channel that's beating the Qatari & Saudi Information Ministries very badly are very known to all the channel followers.

The lame doesn't stop here, they drag prominent media and news houses to their levels abusing the facilities these houses offer like in our example: the Independent Blogs, look at this: 

Here's the link to the above stupidity with the video at the bottom of the page: 

From this series you'll understand the propaganda game: One news house copies from another quoting it as a source when the original is a 'blog' of imagination: Look at The Telegraph:

The link to the above brainwashing propaganda: 

Take my advice and try to hold yourself tight if you can handle a good laugh which also reminds me with the ultra loathing story of the leaked president Assad emails, the story that falls in the same lines of disgusting fiction.

Sadly, those behind such fiction stories don't take into account the lives being lost, the blood spilled, the injured and those who lost their income due to a fake revolution that failed miserably.

They fool you, they keep fooling you, and they enjoy fooling you because you are 'Foolable'.

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