Saturday, March 24, 2012

CNN Knew About September 11 Attacks 16 Hours Earlier

Camera conveniently in place for the first plane attack on Tower 1 (1 WTC), September 11 Attacks
Camera conveniently in place for the first plane attack on Tower 1 (1 WTC), September 11 Attacks

CNN headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia receives a phone call at 4pm local time, the caller asks for Sean Murtagh, CNN's Vice President. The CNN official orders an urgent meeting of field reporters and 2 anchors. Half an hour later, technical teams were dispatched. Cameras in place, live transition vehicles sent to location and off shore to evaluate and install the best tools they had then. 

Two junior reporters were summoned to Murtagh's office where his aide asked them to guise as tourists with handy cams and get prepared for two events that will take place between 8:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. next day in Lower Manhattan, New York, they were asked to focus on World Trade Towers higher floors and if they manage to get the right shots as it happens they'll have a very promising career.. One of them was Anderson Cooper.

Next day, at 8:46 a.m. a passenger jet crashed into World Trade Center's North Tower (1 WTC), and as predicted the higher floors were hit, Cooper and his colleague on the ground busy taking photos prior and aftermath. 10 minutes later, Cooper calls his colleague reminding her that they were asked to cover 2 events not one, so they get prepared for the second and at 9:03 a.m. that sad day, another passenger jet crashed into South Tower (2 WTC). Their mission is now to take some citizens testimonies on the ground and return to headquarters while their colleagues took control of everything else.

The events caused devastating damage to the site, a 3rd tower, Tower 7 (7 WTC) couldn't stand watching its two elder sisters fall in pieces so it decides to suicide and falls by itself. 2,977 people were the victims of the terrorist attacks. Nobody can estimate a real cost that resulted of this tragedy taking in consideration ensuing wars by George W Bush, the US president then to revenge, the collapse of the US Dollar note worldwide, losses in exchange houses, property damages, insurance... But CNN got a great boost to its business, the owner of Tower 7 (7 WTC) is more than happy that all his debt have vanished and is compensated by insurance, and two persons were promoted: Anderson Cooper and his colleague (don't have her details).
Devastation in the aftermath of  September 11 Terror Attacks

Man Falling off World Trade Center Tower September 11 Terror Attacks
Man falling from tower

September 11 Terror Attacks
World Trade Towers on fire, September 11 Attacks
In every tragedy you will find people benefiting from the ugliness of it, these opportunists as they like to call themselves are not more than accomplices at their best if not the criminals themselves. Have they informed the authorities about the tip they received in that phone call, the entire catastrophe would've been avoided, and so many men, women and children would be among us now and living with their beloved ones. Damage to the entire world wouldn't have occurred, just for the benefit of the few greedy.

The above contains true information gathered from various sources and I added some drama fiction the western style after realizing the extent such a criminal organization like CNN would reach just to make a story, or maybe execute an order by some evil power. 

In Homs, Syria, on February 15, 2012 in an area called Sultanieh in the Baba Amro district, a terrorist attack took place. Terrorists blew up the oil pipes feeding the city of Homs and many other provinces with fuel for power generating plants, heating and factories in the country. The explosion was massive, huge columns of black smoke covered the entire city, there were no casualties in human lives, but the financial cost was enormous, not to mention the infrastructure, the people left without heating in the coldest winter Syria witnessed in the past 20 years, and those who didn't get bread on their tables due to electricity cut and bakeries not getting fuel. 

Surprisingly, a live transition camera was fixed in a location to cover the event that would happen 16 hours later and kept transmitting live for all that period, terrorists went to the site and back to the camera location to fix the angle for better coverage, the story makes headlines and here you see CNN covering from the scene live with a crew in place: reporter Arwa Damon from their Beirut bureau, Tim Crockett a former British Special Forces officer, now a security advisor for CNN in Beirut bureau, and Neil Hallsworth the cameraman. The same crew is seen in the camera location and in the attack location. The anchor is none else than Anderson Cooper.

We wouldn't believe such a story have we not seen a shocking report by the Syrian State TV that gathers all the pieces in one and confirms their complicity in the crime against humanity. At this point, if I was told that CNN knew about the September 11 terrorist attacks 16 hours earlier and prepared for their coverage to bank on their success in covering the tragedy of humanity, I won't be surprised. 

Watch how Syrian State TV uncovers the plot and presents with solid evidence how CNN and its reporters are accomplices in terrorist acts:

While the Good are rare, the Evil are abundant. 


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