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Is the Syrian Revolution a Spontaneous Public Uprising?

This is a translation of the plan laid out by an israeli blog site:

Detailed Plan on How to Oust Syrian Regime
Filkka israel

On March 30, 2011 an online 'Forum' under the name Al Basaleh posted what it said it copied from an israeli blog site (Filkka) a detailed plan on how to oust the 'regime of Bashar Assad in Syria', note the date and it goes as follows:

Per Filkka the plan strategically depends on taking advantage of people's desire of Freedom, Dignity and to rid of Corruption and the ability to transform people desire to a revolution against the regime by convincing the people that the reform led by the regime from within is blocked and the only solution is an overwhelming revolution, and using shining and loveable words to people, which symbolizing matters that no two can argue about, everybody loves freedom and hates injustice, loves justice and hates corruption, loves dignity and hates humiliation.

The plan have divided Syria into three sectors (large cities, small cities and villages), forming of 5 types of networks:
1. The ‘Fuel’ network: from educated and unemployed youth then connecting them in an decentralized way.

2. The ‘Thugs’ network: from outlaws and major criminals from remote areas, preferably non-Syrians.
3. The ‘Ethnic Sectarian’ network: from low educated youth of every ethnic or sect with or against the president, should be under 22 years old.
4. The ‘Media’ network: from civil society organizations leaders, which is European financed and not American.
5. The ‘Capital’ network: from merchants, proprietors, banks and trade centers in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs only.

By using these networks and connecting them, the plan says: the ambition of the youth from the first network (the fuel network) would be exploited by bright and attracted slogans like:
1. You should have a voice.
2. Change can’t be accomplished except by force.
3. Your future is in your hands.
4. Your silence is the reason.. and so on.

By using the abilities of the second network (the thugs network) through: 
1. Training on professional assassinations like sniper killing from afar and killing with cold blood.
2. Training on arsons of public buildings fast and by using fast flammable materials.
3. Training on how to penetrate prisons, police stations and security buildings.

The third network (the ethnic sectarian network) would be used through:
1. Provoke their feelings to support or oppose the president fiercely.
2. Making them feel that their sects are threatened either way.
3. Plant concepts like using excessive force against the others.
4. Convincing them that whoever oppose them in anything is a traitor.
5. Pushing them to reach color blindness where they can see only black and white.
6. Abuse their young age and lack of knowledge with history and geography to push them to the extent they’ll be ready to anything.

As well the fourth network (the media network) will be used to steer people (public opinion) through: 
1. Enabling them to reach media channels through undetectable satellite cell phones that can’t be banned.
2. Promote them as national individuals whom don’t oppose the regime and call for a civil society.
3. Prepare skilled cadres for using modern media technologies like blogs and internet to help them communicate with the public.
4. Arrange meetings with them periodically and unify their efforts so non’s opinion would contradict another.

As for the fifth network (the Capital network), these would be exploited by their fear on their fortunes and being of urban resident by affirming the following:
1. Connect merchants with trade officials in European embassies under the guise of trade relations.
2. Throw parties on elite classes and invite businessmen where transactions, agencies awarding and investment deals would occur.
3. Penetrate them through sexual relations where they’ll be filmed to blackmail later.
4. Stir them during the meetings against the regime and plant and leak ideas like: “the country is yours and strangers are controlling it, the regime is making rich elites supporting it on your account, you are building the country and others are ruling it, Bashar Assad steals your taxes and his aides are enjoying it, all your trade investments are losing because of bribes and corruptions, your wealth are endangered and should be remitted abroad Syria because the regime will collapse, we will let you rule the country after the collapse of the regime”.

The plan in its ‘execution’ part contained multiple scenarios and precise details on how to start and move and exploit the networks and how to go on.

In the ‘execution’ part:
The execution plan depends on the following stages:

For the first network (the fuel network): - if the targeted individual responds move to exploit his need for money by:
a. Supply him with small amounts of cash.
b. Arrange a rented car, a cell phone and an internet connection.
c. Ask him to look for other individuals in the same way.
d. When the number of young people reaches 5000 in large cities, 1500 in smaller cities and 500 in villages they start to express their desire for change and reform and at this point any targeting of any ethnic or sect of people should be avoided, no sectarian, party, left or right politicians targeting.

This point will come later where responding to each opposition by un-enthusiastic should be ready like:
a. If someone says there’s a change the reply would be “there’s no change nor any rubbish, it’s all lies”.
b. If someone says change is coming, the reply would be “we’ve been hearing this talk since 40 years”.
c. If someone says this is not a suitable time, the reply would be “and when should we move? After another 100 years?”
d. If someone says our dignity is in fighting America, the reply would be “what do I have to do with resistance? I want to live”.. and so on.
e. Movement in streets that already have crowds like crowded markets, mosques after prayers, narrow allies. The moving group would split in three rings, the shouters, the filming and the disguised group, where the shouter would gather in the center of a ring and start shouting and yelling, surrounding by disguised ring and the filming group surrounding all, and in case someone tries to disperse the shouters, the disguisers would defend them by saying: “let him talk brother” and in case nobody tries to disperse them, the disguisers would attack them and disperse them and in either way “ we get a perfect material for media propaganda”.
f. Generally the authorities should be provocate in order to be dragged to use torture and brutality, then the authorities has one of two choices only: either interfere or not interfere.
g. In case the authorities interfered and arrested someone from the network he should play calm in front of authorities, retrieve immediately and go back home without any further movement to give an impression to authorities that he learned the lesson, and he’ll be frozen totally till the final stage while continuing to finance him.
h. In case the authorities interfered and arrested someone from outside the network, this should be exploited till the max and raising demands for his release, and in case security forces tortured him that’s good and better where he can contribute by fueling peoples’ feelings and by using sentences to link torture with the regime as a whole and not only the security forces by spreading rumors and ideas like: did you see the pity fellow what happened to him? The president wants that, isn’t it not right like this? The fellow just wants to live, why should the money be with so and so merchant only? Is this a government or a bunch of thieves? The main problem is from the biggest head.. and so on.
i. When the movement starts in the streets, the people should be pushed swiftly to transform the rightful demands to higher ceilings calling for the regime downfall and doing the following:
1. Involving the second network (the thugs network) in the theater immediately to attack both the protesters and the security forces.
2. Events that raises religious and social feelings should be filmed especially like attacking women, preferably head covered or those wearing burga, that should be when protesters repeat general slogans and when attacked by uniformed security forces, idealistic, and in case attacked by civilians slogans like: ‘plain cloth security’ should be shouted, and in case nobody interrupt the protests, someone from the group itself attack the protesters even if this would cause light injuries, the film shouldn’t exceed 20 seconds of time and should be taken from a very close area and not from a distance.
3. Use of blood very fast, because it has a huge effect on people, and kill one of the protesters from outside the network, preferably the slain should be from a prominent family and also preferably from the young who has good social relations, educated especially doctors or engineers, or intellectuals, this should be done fast and the killing should be done by a sniper using the same bullets the police or security forces use, also policemen, security or guards should be killed.
4. Properties of major merchants should be burnt, merchants whom were stirred before, and drag them to a fear stage along with other economical projects in order to affect as many people as possible.
5. Loyal activists to president Bashar Assad should be provoked, their strengths, enthusiasm and emotions exhausted and they should be kept busy in useless arguments with others especially radical Islamists by accusing them of being ‘mukhabarat’ govt intelligence, regime ‘Vovuzelas’ mouthpieces and authority beneficiaries. Create un-trust between them and the people, keep them irritated by promising the end of Bashar Assad and call for random rallies supporting the regime and from within having voices calling for slaughtering, terrorizing and killing in exchange providing anti-regime individuals, keeping them calm and delaying any movements until after ethnic and sectarian killings where they would be organized and their calls would be for political reforms, freedom, democracy and civil life.
6. Breaking any attempt by the regime for political resolutions by burning authority symbols like Baath party quarters, police stations, prisons, security forces posts and defaming the image of Bashar Assad.
7. Involving the fourth network (the media network) and its goal is linking Bashar Assad to everything that was in the previous stage, present him as a natural extension to previous stages, dwarfing any of his achievements by mentioning all historical dramatic events and presenting it as the current regime is responsible for.

A Gulf emir in his plan confesses that Bashar Assad has a real popularity inside and outside Syria, and this shouldn’t be underestimated, and he sees that this popularity should be transferred from a power point to a weakness point by using his loyalists enthusiasm against the movements and entice them against these movements, and his government is combined of all ethnics and sects and his main strength is the army and the very strong security apparatus.

To break the army, the government and the security apparatus, the Gulf emir sees they get divided over sects lines, here the third network (the Ethnic Sectarian network) taking in consideration neutralizing major sects like Shafi’s & Hanafi’s as follows:

1. Push each sect to commit very horrific bloody massacres against sects that oppose it, film it and publish it on the media as fast as possible and to start such massacres in areas away from Damascus, not to use too much blood so people won’t withdraw.
In Latakia and Tartus, the Alawites from the network would slaughter young men from the Sunna and mutilate their bodies chanting Long Live Bashar, and in Aleppo Salafis from the network would attack Alawite villages, burn their houses, terrify them to leave their villages and chant: “death to Nasiris, death to enemies of Sahaba (prophet’s companionships), in Hasaka Arabs from the network would slaughter and lynch some of the young Kurds visually with un-understood language that the Kurds would only understand without translations, killing some Christians especially Armenians, and in Daraa, snipers from outside the city would kill young men from Al Jawabra and Al Mahameed families and avoid approaching the Aba Zaids and Masalma.
In Albukamal the Shias would kill Sunnis and chant “Yo Karbalaa, yo Hussein’, in Homs, the Arabs would kill Turkmans, steal their shops especially jewellery shops, kill Catholic and Murhsids, in Suwaida the Druze from the network would kill few Christians in nearby villages and burn few churches, in Qamishli, Kurd from the network would revenge the killings of Kurds in Hasaka and some Armenians would kill some Arab Muslims, in Der Ezzor, snipers from outside the city would kill young men from Al Aqeedat and Bani Naeem tribes without approaching smaller tribes or Alrola or Al Jaboor or Al Shummar tribes, chanting while killing in names of Bu Khabour and Mohassan.

The Gulf emir sees that the regime will be totally busy trying to find solutions between different sects and ethnics, Bashar Assad would send envoys from his government to solve ethnic and sectarian clashes and Damascus would be empty of government pillars, and here the turn of Damascus where each minority would revenge and the whole city will burn from all sides as follows:
1. Christians in the east of Damascus would kill Muslims living among them in Qassa & Bab Tuma, and Druze in Jaramana neighborhood.
2. Sunnah in the south of the city would kill Shias living among them in Shaghoor and in the west in Muhajreen.
3. Salafis in Duma and Dariya would burn city halls, courts and police stations.
4. Alawites in the west of the city in Mezza Mountain would kill the Sunna living among them.
5. Kurds in the north of the city in Rukn Addin would attack Arabs from all sects.

The Gulf emir believes that during all of this the army would be divided and security apparatuses would collapse, the government would fall and Bashar will only have the Republican Guards left which he can’t move because the army would stand against it, which would make Bashar Assad the cause of all these troubles, and here the fifth network (the Capital network) role will come as follows:

1. Meetings between capital owners with leaders of army, security forces and ministers from Damascus and Aleppo to convince them to abandon Bashar Assad and promise them they’ll stay after he’s removed.
2. In case some of the businessmen reject cooperation they’ll be threatened of cancelling their agencies ownership, withdraw investments and moral scandals if they were from those penetrated with sexual relations.
3. In case some of army leaders reject cooperation they would be threatened with jail or assassination and if possible during the mess assassinating high ranking officers from cities other than Damascus and Aleppo to terrify those.
4. A national council of businessmen, ministers and security leaders should be formed, the USA, France, Britain, Saudi and Egypt would recognize, focusing on threatening Bashar Assad with this council.

The Gulf emir sees that during this particular stage:
1. The council should call on Bashar Assad to resign.
2. The council should cut all Syria ties with Iran, Hizbollah, HAMAS and Islamic Jihad factions.
3. The council should undertake secretly to continue the peace process with israel later.
4. The council should form a temporary government that will dissolve the political parties and call for early elections and change the constitution.
5. The council should form a committee that will investigate and hold responsible all former regime’s officials and blame all event on Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan Muslimeen) exclusively.
6. The council should grant the Syrian economy to American, European, Saudi and Egyptian companies only.

In the same context, Al Alam News Station revealed that what is being elaborated on Facebook is handled by a group of 200 persons only, work in a company called Dot & Com and they were trained on inflicting strife.

As per the news station, the company and its staff work silently under protection of Jordan, however the financing of the company and its strategies are done by intelligence from the Gulf. The report mentioned that Dot & Com Company is formally a private company owned by Mohammad Qaisi and its head quarters is based in the Jordanian capital Amman.

The news station confimed that the company has formed a crisis cell that works through 200 staff specialized in the internet, supported by American advisors specialized in psychological war (Psy OP), its main target is to destroy Syria through operative cells working in south of Syria in specific, while Marwan Hamada, Bassem Al Saba and Hani Hammoud runs similar crisis cells in Lebanon supported with the Information Branch that follows Saad Hariri till date, and they are supported with more American advisors in Psy Ops and a propaganda war specialist named Eli Khouri.

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