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Syria: A Corner Shop Supplies the World's Press

Syria: A corner shop supplies the world's press

The "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights", in the use of the world press, consists of a small and lonely business. It is not able to name sources neither to confirm anything they publish to the world press. It communicates only via Skype and Email but is still financial supported by the "unknown members” this business and their website. Nobody knows each other in reality but they suggest that all people (members) are just normal people.

Qui bono - who use the strange stories about Syria? 

The "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" which uses a Facebook Page with less friends on this social network seems to be the "primary source for information about the anti-Assad rebellion" as the "Middle East Online" wrote about it. And indeed it looks like all German corporate and state media operate with this Facebook Page and its members and pray the same like the operator of this site who calls himself Rami Abdel Rahman (by the way it seems to be no surprise that he calls himself “Rahman”).

He lives in Coventry and says that there is no observation point which “resists” in London. The lies which are confirmed as lies by this Facebook Page out of Coventry goes into the thousands and it looks like the operator and its members doesn’t shy away about a new edition of the incubator lie which blew up very quickly. It’s sure a good question why this questionable source is presented and promoted by the German State-TV ARD as a neutral human rights organization. 

The virtual "observatory" 

According to "Middle East Online" ( this "observation point" is just a "one man show". 

"Thousands of miles from home Rami Abdel Rahman operates a network of 200 activists in Syria who report to him. This allows him to spread the latest news about bloodshed in Syria."

"'We are all normal people with normal everyday life. We have no office. We work from home or from work. “ says Abdel Rahman, 40, in a telephone interview from Coventry in England. The so called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) appeared on the scene as the primary source of information for the media world since the anti-government movement broke out in Syria in mid-March." 

Without any problems they publish confessions that these so called "activists" in Syria get their findings mostly out of hospital lists and messages to bring them on the first few pages of the newspapers. Great – these „activists" know through the name of a person what happened and recapitulate these “findings” to their site and the media worldwide. All members of this questionable small network are somehow confidential and do not know each other. 

The contacts go through Skype, Gmail and non-registered phone numbers. Abdel Rahman's critics questioned his trustworthiness and accuse him of being a member of the Muslim Brotherhood – meanwhile Damascus is accusing him that his mission is about destabilizing the country." 

Let us recall this statement from Rahman for example: 

"... I am independent. We receive no money ... The Centre and the website is funded by its members .... " 

“Middle East Online” contacted him and reported about this: 

“The observatory was founded 5 years ago. The unknown Abdel Rahman went to Coventry in 2000 because he could be arrested at home because of his activities. He runs a small shop that sells books and clothing ..” 

This is the tragic truth. From this really questionable mini-source on its private cloud are the horror stories which spread through the world press. For example the (German) GEZ stations spread this lies from this “grocery store” - despite their own huge number of foreign offices.

The parallels to the war in Libya

These parallels are dramatic and can guess really bad stuff behind it. Also in February 2011 the United Nations failed to check the dubious opposition organizations abroad from Switzerland and London which sold these air numbers as a massacre. No one reviewed these allegations and finally a War ensued.

The members of these networks and of the "National or transitional councils" (at least 2 about Syria – in contrast to what Westerwelle thinks or sells) are unknown and as always this is said to be for "security reasons”. Otherwise their links to the West would become public. The main operators always sit in the west and own passports from NATO countries.

Like this shady Rami Abdel Rahman which is supported through unknown sources to run his finally non-existent “observatory”.

Translated by Matthias Klostermayr from

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