Saturday, June 1, 2024

Israel Murders Syrian Little Girl in 'Self-Defense'

Another day, another war crime by Israel against humanity, God's 'Most Disgraced People' continue to commit massacres targeting mainly children and women under the guise of 'self-defense' and acting as the victims.

Israel Bombs Syria: Murders Child, Wounds Several in Baniyas

Watch the video on Rumble and BitChute, I can't load it on YouTube for obvious reasons.

Not belittling the major genocide committed by Israel against the Palestinians in Gaza, Israel's bombing of its neighbors was never related to self-defense, but rather to land grab by Western imported anti-Jewish Zionist settlers who serve as the forefront footsoldiers of the Western evil empire's hegemonic goals, one of those repeated bombings killed a little Syrian girl in her house on May 29, two days ago.

The video above contains a graphic picture taken of the slain victim so the Western citizens will be 'satisfied' with their tax money spent by their 'freely democratically elected leaders.'

Their refusal of Western citizens to hold any of their Western leaders responsible for any of the previous heinous war crimes committed across the globe emboldens those Western politicians to continue committing more crimes.

Westerners should keep in mind the Golden Rule, Karma, and history lessons: you will pay for the crimes committed in your name with your money by your leaders, whether you're actively supporting these crimes or passively acting as if you can do nothing about it yet re-electing the same war criminals time and again.

More of the latest war crime by the Western world's footsoldier Israel in this report: Israel Bombs Syria: Murders Child, Wounds Several in Baniyas.

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