Sunday, March 17, 2024

Israel, Al Qaeda, NATO, and Uighur Islamist Terrorists Attack Syrian Army Posts

The collective Axis of Evil spearheaded by the Nazi-Zionist US-led NATO continues their war crimes against the Syrian people despite their ongoing failing war in Ukraine and their genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza.

Israel, Al Qaeda, NATO, and Uighur Islamist Terrorists Attack Syrian Army Posts

Israel carried out a new bombing against Syrian Arab Army SAA posts near the Syrian capital Damascus from over the occupied Syrian Golan injuring a Syrian soldier and inflicting material damage shortly after midnight.

While the NATO-sponsored groups of terrorists including Al Qaeda Levant aka Nusra Front, ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), and the Turkestan Islamist Party terrorists comprised mainly of Chinese Uighur and other radicalized anti-Islamic Wahhabi terrorists from Central Asia continue their endless attacks on Syrian urban centers and Syrian Army posts protecting those urban center in Aleppo, and Idlib provinces in north and northwestern Syria.

The above-mentioned NATO proxies are waging the war against humanity on behalf of the Zionist movement and its Nazi ilk to serve the anti-Christ with the full backing of European Union countries, the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and some other countries using NATO member state Turkey as their conduit to transfer massive quantities of weapons and large numbers of terrorists into northern Syria.

NATO terrorist attacks escalated since the beginning of the Israel genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza in NATO's efforts to relieve the pressure off the anti-Jewish Zionist state.

More about these latest developments in this report: NATO Proxies Israel and Al Qaeda Target Syrian Army Posts.

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