Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Al Qaeda Albanian Commander Killed by the Syrian Army in Northern Syria

A senior commander in one of the NATO-sponsored so-called 'Moderate Rebel' groups was eliminated by the Syrian Arab Army in northwestern Syria earlier today.

Syrian Arab Army Eliminates Albanian Terrorist in Northern Latakia

The senior military commander in Al Qaeda is an Albanian citizen who moved to Syria in 2013 and joined the Western-founded and funded Syrian opposition groups.

Local sources confirmed a so-called Khaled Al-Albani, original name Abdul Rahman Bella, was sniped by a Syrian Army sniper in northern Latakia countryside in the very early hours today, he was commanding a notorious Albanian terrorist group sponsored by the Turkish Army and the CIA.

US-led NATO created dozens of radical terrorist groups following the anti-Islamic Wahhabi religion, the religion of Saudi Arabia and Qatar and from which the Muslim Brotherhood also branched out, the global terrorist organization founded by the British over a century ago and whose political leader is no other than the Turkish madman Erdogan. MB is also the doctrine followed by Zawahiri, the former leader of Al Qaeda after Osama Bin Laden.

Failing to mobilize the Syrian public against their own government, the USA, its European lackeys, most of the Gulfies, and other 'coalition' countries used proxy terrorist groups to destabilize Syria to serve their anti-Christ anti-Jewish anti-Christian anti-Islamic Zionist ideology whose followers believe that to expedite the return of Jesus Christ, they have to follow the anti-Christ!

The Syrian armed forces with the help of allied forces managed throughout the past decade to eliminate tens of thousands of these terrorists in Syria despite the enormous support these terrorists received from NATO, the 'defensive' alliance.

More in this report: Syrian Arab Army Eliminates Albanian Terrorist in Northern Latakia.

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