Friday, December 29, 2023

New Double Israeli Bombing of Southern Syria, Itching for Regional War

To get out of the quagmire it put itself in Gaza, Israel is trying to expand its criminal wa to engulf other countries hoping to drag in the USA and its other NATO sponsors to save it from the humiliating defeat in its own waged holocaust of Gaza, bombing residential houses in southern Lebanon and repeatedly bombing sites in Syria.

New Double Israeli Bombing of Southern Syria, Itching for Regional War

The latest, yesterday late night was a bombing in two waves targeting sites in southern Syria, the first bombing after 11 pm was from over the occupied Syrian Golan, and the second after midnight from over Lebanon.

Syrian military statements watered down the Israeli bombings to defuse the justification to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives of innocent people in the region in addition to those of Israel and Israel's own allies, unlike the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs which issued a strong statement exposing the inaction of the United Nations Security Council in the core task of preserving peace assigned to the international body.

There will be revenge, each time Israel bombs Syria, the Syrian resistance bombs the illegal US Army bases in Syria, this is in addition to the daily bombings of those bases in Syria and in Iraq as well for the US role in the Israeli holocaust of Gaza.

Syrians are increasingly questioning the Russian role in Israel's bombings of their country, first, Russia refused to deliver the S300 air defense missiles Syria bought in 2010 upon the request of Israel's war criminal Netanyahu, then Russia waited more than 4.5 years before deciding to assist Syrian in the war on terror which tens of thousands of those terrorists came from Russian republics through Turkey.

To top all of that, Russia entered into agreements with Israel and the USA to coordinate their operations in Syria's skies, to 'avoid confrontations,' what would Russia feel if Syria signed an agreement to cooperate with Ukraine in Russian skies?!

More in this report: Israel Bombs Sites in Southern Syria Twice Yesterday Late Night.

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