Monday, November 6, 2023

Lebanese Hezb Allah Chief Warns the USA and its Israel: We Joined the War on 8 October

Unmoved by the messages of threats delivered by the USA, Europe, and their regional stooges, against opening another front to defend Gaza, Hezb Allah chief declares: We already joined the war and we pinned down between one-third and half of the Israeli IDF in the north and from the very second day of the war.

Many were expecting that the most-anticipated speech of the Lebanese Hezb Allah Chief Hasan Nasr Allah delivered in the afternoon of Friday would include a declaration of war against Israel by opening a second front from southern Lebanon against Israel-occupied northern Palestine, the speech did include a declaration of war, almost a month ago.

Hezb Allah Joined the War to Defend Gaza Since October 8th

The video is available on Rumble and BitChute

The above segment of the 1.20-hour speech includes the essence of the speech delivered by Sayyed Hasan Nasr Allah in regard to the US's barbaric war on the Palestinians in Gaza carried out by Israel.

'Despite the threats we received from US officials through different means, from the Europeans, from some Arab and others, warning us of not opening a second front against Israel in the south of Lebanon to allow Israel a free killing spree against the Palestinians in Gaza, we joined the war on the 8th of October, the next day it started.'
~Hezb Allah Chief Hasan Nasr Allah

The Lebanese head of the Axis of Resistance declared the USA to be the one commanding the genocidal criminal war on the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

I wouldn't blame some of those who didn't see the declaration of joining the war by Hezb Allah in the speech, most of the translations and transcripts of the speech omitted entire sentences and paragraphs in some cases, and others altered key words in the speech, it can't be out of incompetence, major news outlets had enough time to arrange for competent instant translators or at least, take the time like I did and get the transcript then translate it verbatim.

It took me extra time to finish this as my aging laptop has already given up on me and is barely running on minimums for some time and that's why I'm not able to deliver faster updates until I manage to get a new laptop, maybe with your help with the donations.

It's Hezb Allah and not Hezbollah,
Hezb: Party
Allah: one of the two names of God in the Quran.
I don't care even if the whole world writes it Hezbollah.

The full transcript of the speech of Hezb Allah Chief Hasan Nasr Allah and comments on it: Hezb Allah Joined the War to Defend Gaza Since October 8th.

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