Sunday, October 22, 2023

Israel Bombs Syrian Airports Desperately to Expand the War to Drag its Sponsors into It

The early morning bombings of Syria's two major commercial airports of Damascus and Aleppo are not only war crimes, a breach of International Law, a violation of a 50 years-old cessation agreement sponsored by the United Nations Security Council, a terrorist act by the definition of the US's own FBI, it's also a sign of desperation by the lunatic Netanyahu trying to fulfill his dream of igniting the region in a major war to keep the armies of his sponsoring countries in the region to defend his 'Jewish' state on stolen land, and more importantly for him to stay out of prison.

Israel Bombs Syrian Airports Desperately to Expand the War to Drag its Sponsors into It

Two Syrian Meteorology Station workers, Atif Fadhi Nasr, and Ammar Ayad were killed in the terrorist Israeli bombing of Damascus International Airport, adding more victims of innocent people to extend the expiration date of the illegal anti-Jewish Zionist entity.

The Israelis believe they can survive a wider front in the north in addition to the one they have in the south against the Palestinian factions, if that's their calculations, they're literally 'dead' mistaking.

One just needs to take a look at the numbers, the difference between combat-hardened troops fighting several fronts on a daily basis for the past 12.5 years across a large geography, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, and TikTok dancers pants-peeing members of the Israeli army who were surrendering en mass to fighters coming mainly on foot and on motorbikes, in addition to the ones who failed to draw their weapons on time.

It's obvious that the Israelis are not depending on their own military power in their calculations for the regional war they're instigating, they are totally dependent on the US Army, and the armies and forces of other NATO member states like the Turkish Army, Al Qaeda, ISIS, and some others.

If that's their calculation, as well, they're digging their own graves, those NATO Armies are sitting ducks waiting to be packed in body bags in the first hours of confrontation in the regional war the Israelis are plotting.

It's not only a war of wills and resolves, which the owners of the land have and the foreign invaders lack, but it's also a global asymmetric war that the Western empire is losing and rapidly so, especially on the economic level, not to mention the deteriorating status of their reserves in oil, gas, and even ammunition, top it up with their humiliating defeat in Ukraine.

More in this report by Syria News's Miri Wood: Israel Bombs Aleppo & Damascus Airports: Two Civilians Murdered.

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