Friday, October 6, 2023

81 Massacred Including 31 Women and 5 Children in a NATO Terrorist Attack in Syria

The latest NATO terrorist attack in Syria murdered 81 people, 31 of them women, and 5 of them children, the terrorists used drones to bomb a graduation ceremony of the Syrian Arab Army cadets.

81 Massacred Including 31 Women and 5 Children in a NATO Terrorist Attack in Syria

As soon as the families rushed to the courtyard at the end of the ceremony to celebrate with their sons their graduation from the Military Academy in the Central Syrian city of Homs, a strong explosion shook the place and carnage ensued.

This is the deadliest NATO-sponsored al Qaeda terrorist attack against the Syrian people in the past couple of months, the number of victims might make it the deadliest in more than 2 years.

The Syrian government declared 3 days of mourning and called on mosques and churches across the country to perform prayers for the souls of the victims and for the healing of the wounded.

US-led NATO Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda terrorists have recently escalated their attacks against Syrian villages and towns, and the Syrian Arab Army posts over four Syrian provinces in the northwest of the country bordering Turkey especially after the Turkish madman Erdogan won his highly-contested reelection with the help of Russia and Iran and after President Bashar Al Assad refused to meet the Turkish flip-flop before a written commitment to withdraw the NATO Turkish Army from northern Syria and to stop sponsoring Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists against Syria.

Military analysts observed the intensified movement of US and Israeli spy drones and planes prior to the terrorist attack which occurred moments after the Syrian Minister of Defense, and the top brass of the Syrian Army officers along with guest officers from friendly countries left the site hinting that this could be a high-level assassination attempt as well.

More in this report by American investigative journalist and political analyst Miri Wood for Syria News: NATO Terrorists Massacre 80, Injure 240 at Graduation Ceremony.

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