Sunday, September 17, 2023

Syrian Army Clashes with NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda in Idlib - Update 16 Sept. 2023

The Syrian Arab Army units operating in the northwestern provinces of Aleppo, Idlib, Hama, and Latakia continue their intensified clashes against the NATO-heavily funded, armed, trained, and sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, repelling wide-scale attacks and destroying quarters and gatherings of the terrorists.

During the past week, the terrorists sponsored by the NATO 'defensive' alliance, continued their attempts to storm the towns and villages in the countryside of the aforementioned Syrian provinces and heavy clashes erupted with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) units defending those towns and villages.

The NATO-sponsored forces comprise two NATO armies and 'intelligence' agencies, the Turkish and US armies, Israel, a plethora of Al Qaeda Levant and its affiliated terrorist groups including the Chinese Uighur-dominant Turkestan Islamist Party, and remnants of ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) fighting under the banner of a so-called Ansar Tawhid.

Sadly, the SAA lost some of its fine men during the battles defending their homeland, their families, and their heritage from these hordes of primitive terrorists and their sponsors but has also inflicted heavy losses on their enemies.

The fighting was concentrated mainly on the outskirts of the towns and villages in the Al Zawaya Mountain in southern Idlib countryside, in the western Aleppo countryside, in the Al Ghab Plains in the northwestern Hama countryside, and in the northern Latakia countryside in which the Syrian Army sustained the losses among its personnel.

Heavy artillery, guided missiles, grad MRLs, and light weaponry were used in these clashes, in addition to two air raids with the SAA resorting to its Ababil 3 drones for surveillance and shelling guiding.

The terrorists on their side resorted to their usual human waves tactics spearheaded by suicide bombers to enforce openings among the SAA defenses.

During the clashes of last week, Israel came to the rescue of the NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists bombing two Syrian Arab Army air defense systems in Tartous and Hama countrysides.

I have detailed the above clashes in chronological order in my post on Syria News: Syria War on US-led NATO-sponsored Terrorism in Idlib Escalating.

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