Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Syrian Army Upsets the CIA by Eliminating an ISIS Terrorist Group

An ISIS terrorist group got eliminated and a convoy of Syrian oil tankers was saved in the central Syrian desert by a Syrian Arab Army SAA unit.

Syrian Army Upsets the CIA by Eliminating an ISIS Terrorist Group

The oil convoy was moving on the Salamiyah - Raqqa highway in the eastern countryside of Hama in the central Syrian desert when a CIA-created and sponsored ISIS terrorist group was spotted by the Syrian Army approaching the convoy.

Heavy clashes erupted between the SAA unit and the surprised terrorists of ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) ending in the elimination of several terrorists, wounding others, and the rest fled toward the east.

Somehow, the ISIS terrorists whenever they flee from the Syrian Arab Army, head toward the illegal military bases of the US Army in northeastern and southeastern Syria, the same US Army deployed in Syria within a so-called coalition to combat ISIS!

Only fools believe after all these years that the US Army and its other buddies in the NATO 'defensive' alliance and their proxy forces are in Syria to combat ISIS, the terrorist organization grew in number, western weapons, top logistics, and state of the art medical support after the US Army's intervention in the country.

Meanwhile, the US Army is busy stealing Syrian oil and wheat, or as their former commander in chief said about their task: 'We're keeping the oil, I like oil, we're keeping the Syrian oil.'

More about this latest battle between the owners of the land, the Syrian Arab Army, and the ISIS terrorists and their Western sponsors in this report: Syrian Army Delivers Another Blow to the CIA in the Syrian Desert.

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