Sunday, July 2, 2023

Syrian Missile Bombs Southern Israel Chasing Israeli Fighter Jets Bombing Homs

News that the late-night Israeli bombing of a site in the northern Homs countryside resulted in the injury of 4 Russian advisors at the site, one of whose injuries is described as critical.

Shortly after midnight, Israeli fighter jets targeted a site on the outskirts of a small village in the northern Homs countryside, central Syria, the Israeli jets fired their missiles from over the Lebanese capital Beirut and from behind the high mountains between Syria and Lebanon to avoid being detected by the Syrian air defense systems.

One of Syria's ancient air defense systems, an S200 battery, spotted the Israeli fighter jets and closed on one of them before firing what seems to be a modified version of the missile designed in 1964!

The missile was launched at the Israeli jet crossing from southern Homs countryside all over Lebanon and chasing the Israeli jet across occupied Palestine (Israel) before self-destruction over the town of Rahat 400 kilometers from its launchpad.

The known range of the S200 is 250 kilometers. Terrified Zionist settlers were seen rushing to the streets of Rahat to see the debris that fell over their city. It seems they don't like to be at the receiving end of bombing.

Syria bought S300 air defense systems from Russia and was supposed to receive the fully-paid-for systems in 2010 before Russian President Mr. Putin held back the delivery upon the request of his friend, the Israeli prime minister at the time Netanyahu, who is currently the Israeli prime minister despite several corruption lawsuits against him but that's fine in the Western standards of 'democracy'.

Had Syria received those S300 missiles in 2010, the US-led war of terror might have not been waged against the country the next year out of fear for NATO's fighter jets getting shot down over Syria, one-third of the country would not have been occupied by NATO's largest army, the US Army, and another large portion in the north would not have been occupied by NATO's second-largest army, the Turkish Army, remember, NATO is a 'defensive' alliance.

Worth noting that Israel's bombing of Syria comes to help NATO's proxy Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib being hammered by both Syrian and Russian armies for the past week, there're no coincidences in wars or politics, especially in the Levant region.

More about the late-night incident in this report: Israel Bombs Homs, Syrian Missile Chases Israeli Jets 400 Kms.

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