Thursday, June 15, 2023

US-sponsored ISIS Remnants Assassinate Syrian Policemen

A Syrian police officer and two other policemen were assassinated by remnants of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the southern region in two separate terrorist attacks within 48 hours.

US-sponsored ISIS Remnants Assassinate Syrian Policemen

Two policemen were shot dead by masked gunmen on motorbikes in the southwestern Syrian province of Quneitra, the armed masked men opened their machine guns on the policemen during a police patrol in the province, local authorities reported.

Within less than 48 hours, Syrian Police Honorary Lieutenant Ahmad Zakarya Al-Wadi was also assassinated in a similar way in the northern countryside of Daraa, the Syrian southern province bordering Jordan.

These terrorist attacks are unanimously attributed to the remnants of the ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) terrorists who were defeated and expelled from Daraa by the Syrian Arab Army and are based within the so-called 55 kilometers protected zone established by the US illegal military base in the Syrian Al Tanf region.

Ever since their eviction from Daraa Balad in September 2018, the ISIS terrorists headed to the Al Tanf area where the US Army illegally built a military base and established a protected perimeter around its base.

During the past years, the ISIS remnants have committed horrific massacres, war crimes, and terrorist attacks against the Syrian people, state officials, army and law enforcement personnel, and even ordinary public workers.

In their dens in the Al Tanf area, the ISIS remnants receive training, weapons, logistical support, and intelligence information from the US Army in the above-mentioned base, the US CENTCOM brag about that support claiming that ISIS remnants are their partners in combating terrorism in Syria!

More in this report: Syrian Police Officer Shot Dead by US-sponsored ISIS in Daraa.

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