Wednesday, June 14, 2023

22 US Soldiers Eliminated in Northeastern Syria - US CENTCOM

In a statement on its website, the US military said that 22 of its soldiers were 'injured' in a 'helicopter incident' in northeastern Syria.

Helicopter Incident ‘Takes Out’ 22 US Soldiers in Syria

The statement issued by the so-called US CENTCOM, the US military branch committing war crimes and sponsoring terrorist groups in the MENA region, said that the 22 soldiers were injured in a 'helicopter mishap' and that at least 10 of those were taken out of its area of operation for further treatment.

US CENTCOM further added in its short statement that they are investigating the cause of the incident while claiming it did not come under 'enemy fire' at the time of the incident.

Northeastern Syria is the province of Hasakah where some of Syria's main oil and gas fields are, the country's main food basket, especially for wheat, the Syrians' food staple, and where Euphrates is further fed with two of its main branches with water.

The US military deployed in Syria serve the above-mentioned purposes, systematically committing war crimes against the Syrian people, sponsoring terrorist groups the likes of ISIS, al Qaeda, and the Kurdish SDF separatists, and depriving the Syrians of their own food and fuel pushing them to riot against their government in Damascus while claiming to be in Syria to combat ISIS.

The Syrians, being the smart people they are, read the US plots much better than the US citizens who continue to give their hard-earned tax money to the White House spooks who use it in killing other peoples across the globe and destroying one country after the other directly and by using their proxy terrorist groups.

The Syrians see firsthand how ISIS and other US proxy terrorists only thrive near US military bases and whenever threatened by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, those terrorists run toward the illegal US military base for protection.

Worth noting that this is not the first time the US Army faces serious 'incidents' resulting in casualties in Syria, or in neighboring Iraq, it's the price they pay for stealing these peoples' food and oil and for committing horrific war crimes against the people who taught the world the alphabet, agriculture, irrigation, and the three divine religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and maybe this latter reason is why the US-led NATO is waging its relentless war on the people of Syria and Iraq for presenting the world with these religions.

Also worth noting is the landmine explosion that blew up a Russian armored vehicle in northwestern Syria on the same day killing two Russian soldiers and injuring 3 others, whether the US Army 'helicopter mishap' is a Russian retaliation, we might not know for a long time to come.

More about this incident in this report: Helicopter Incident ‘Takes Out’ 22 US Soldiers in Syria.

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