Sunday, May 7, 2023

US-led NATO's Hegemony Pushes Iran Back Closer to Syria

Former 'reformist' Iranian ruling class failed to appease the US-led collective West despite not only agreeing to open up their nuclear facilities to the most scrutinized inspection by the IAEA international nuclear watchdog knowing well it's a tool used by the same West against countries needed to be subdued and totally ignoring countries and states doing the US's bid, like Israel, for instance, which continues to threaten and attack countries in West Asia, but Iran also went to the length of signing JCPOA, an international agreement approved by the United Nations Security Council.

US-led NATO's Hegemony Pushes Iran Back Closer to Syria

A lunatic mad elected president of the USA simply tore away Iran's hope of rejoining the Western-dominated international community by tearing apart the JCPOA and the failure of the European lackeys to stand up to their commitments in this agreement hardened the Iranian stance in the region after receiving this harsh wake-up call.

And if tearing apart the JCPOA was not enough, madman Trump followed it up with the war crime of the decade assassinating the top Iranian general on a peace mission in a 3rd country leading to the blowing away of the last bases of the 'reformists' in Iran and forcing the country to pivot back to its policies it adopted since its 1979 revolution.

One of the main pillars of the Iranian pre-JCPOA and pre-Trump war crime of assassinating Iranian most revered army general was its role in what is known as the Axis of Resistance, founded and spearheaded by Syria with other factions joining like the Iraqi resistance led by the PMU, the Palestinian resistance (to Israeli occupation) factions, the Lebanese resistance headed by Hezb Allah, and the Yemeni Ansarullah (Houthis).

The main factor gluing the forces of the Axis of Resistance is resisting the US hegemony in the region, the Levant, Persia, and Arabia, West Asia, and extending to the Arab northern African countries.

Iran, under the former 'reformists', tried to distance itself a little at the beginning of the war on Syria and tried to appease the various parties waging the horrific war on Syria like the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, the shortly-lived anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood ruling of Egypt, and parts of the so-called Syrian opposition.

The Iranian 'reformists' went to the extent of giving advice to the Syrian leadership on how to accept the US-sponsored factions in Syria in a political solution, ie. to include elements of Al Qaeda and its offshoots in Syria's political and military structure.

It was only when Iran found, in a not-easy way, it was next on the menu of the US's hegemonic and demonic global policies that its 'hardliners' started regaining their powers in the country, the Trump's withdrawal from the JCPOA, the malice policies of the Europeans, and the assassination of the Iranian army general leading to the election of Ebrahim Raisi.

Raisi, along with the different Iranian army and paramilitary forces rebuilt their alliances away from appeasing the US-controlled 'collective West' and toward the best interests of the Iranian people and the peoples of the region, strengthening the military cooperation with Syria was one of the policies that helped Iran and Syria to some extent stand up to the US hegemony and rising up in short notice within its role as a regional superpower.

My article on Syria News explains more based on the Iranian President's 2 days state visit to Syria and the 15 agreements signed between the two countries after meeting President Bashar al-Assad: Iranian President Concludes State Visit to Syria, a First in 13 Years.

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