Tuesday, May 16, 2023

NATO's Al Qaeda Kill a Syrian Police Officer in Car Bomb in Damascus

Al Qaeda terrorists (aka peaceful protesters in Western media) blew up a car next to a police station in Damascus killing a Syrian police officer and injuring 4 policemen.

NATO's Al Qaeda Kill a Syrian Police Officer in Car Bomb in Damascus

The sound of the explosion heard across the northern Barzeh suburb of Damascus on Wednesday, 10th of May was of a bomb detonated in a car parked next to the suburb's police station, the explosion came as the residents started their weekday.

Syrian news agency SANA and local sources confirmed the death of Police officer Lieutenant Colonial Sharaf Muhannad Fendi Jadallah who succumbed to his wounds at the hospital.

In addition to Lt Col. Sharaf Jadallah, four policemen were injured, some sustaining severe injuries.

The declining empire has increased its proxies' terrorist attacks in Syria recently, especially after seeing its hegemony diminishing across the world and especially in the region despite the hundreds of billions of dollars, 7 trillion dollars if you take Trump's word for it, on wars to destabilize the Arab world alone.

The US Army with the help of its allies in the NATO 'defensive' alliance, their proxy Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, al Qaeda Levant, ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), and several other terrorist groups illegally occupy parts of Syria coincidentally where the oil fields and Syria's food basket farmlands are located.

The US Army also occupies the triangle border junction connecting Syria with Iraq and Jordan in which it trains and commands the so-called Maghawir Thawra (rebranded recently to the Syrian Free Army), an ISIS-affiliated heavily armed group that carries out terrorist attacks against the Syrians mainly in the southern region, the Syrian capital Damascus included, and in the Syrian central open desert.

More about this heinous attack by Biden's junta and its terrorist proxies in this report: Terrorists Detonate Car Bomb near Police Station: 1 Officer Dead.

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