Monday, May 29, 2023

Israel Bombs Damascus Outskirts to Ease the Syrian Army Pressure on ISIS

Israel bombed several posts in the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus in the late evening yesterday, Sunday 28 May 2023, to ease the Syrian Army's pressure on the US-sponsored ISIS in central Syria.

Israel fired a barrage of missiles from over the occupied Syrian Golan award Aqraba town in Damascus countryside targeting a medical center and a training facility used by the Syrian Arab Army which might be due to bad information or deliberate attack, Israel does intentionally target medical centers and non-combatant facilities when it can.

Israel claimed it was targeting a facility used by the Lebanese Hezb Allah Resistance group, a repeated claim turned false 90% of the times it bombed Syria, its main goal of bombing Syria is to prolong the US-led war of terror on Syria by aiding al Qaeda, ISIS, and the other terrorist groups attacking the Syrian people.

There were no casualties in yesterday's criminal aggression, and there was also no condemnation of this attack on Syria's sovereignty by this blatant breach of the sovereignty of an establishing member of the United Nations, unlike the Western hysteria in condemning Russia in its attacks on Ukraine, for instance.

More about yesterday's repeated Israeli aggression in this report: Israel Bombs Damascus as ISIS Escalates its Terrorist Attacks.

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