Thursday, May 4, 2023

Israel and USA Bomb Aleppo International Airport, Again

The two main bad actors in the real axis of evil, the USA and its protectorate and dependant Israel, bombed Syria's second international civilian commercial airport, Aleppo International Airport taking it out of service merely a day after bombing several sites in Homs, in addition to the material damage, there were casualties among the Syrian air defense unit in a post near the airport.

Israeli fighter jets used a corridor provided to them by the US Army illegally deployed in the Syrian Al Tanf area on the cross Syrian - Iraqi - Jordanian borders, the jets fired two waves of missiles that targeted the airport's runways and several military sites to the south of Aleppo city.

In the second missile wave, after the SAA expended its air defense battery's load, the air defense unit itself was targeted killing at least 4 Syrian army personnel.

A civilian factory for refining bulgur (groats) was also destroyed by the Israeli / US aerial bombing, apparently, it was marked as a military target by one of the Al Qaeda terrorists working for the NATO 'defensive' alliance in northern Syria.

Bombing an international commercial airport is a war crime by all standards, the very existence of the US military in Syria is a blatant breach of international law, the UN Charter, and every United Nations Security Council resolution all of which are signed on by the USA itself.

Bombing Aleppo International Airport, repeatedly, is meant to hinder the delivery of humanitarian aid heading to the Syrian people in the north who are suffering from the NATO-sponsored plethora of terrorist groups and still suffering from the deadly mega earthquake of the 6th of February, a couple of months ago.

Today is the second day after the heinous bombing and war crime of Israel and its US sponsors of the Aleppo airport, have you heard any condemnation of this barbaric war crime by any Western official who continues to flood the international arenas with crocodile tears over the sovereignty of Ukraine?

More about this latest joint Israeli / US war crime and terrorist attack in this report: Israel Bombs Aleppo Airport Taking it out of Service, Again!

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