Friday, May 19, 2023

48 Hours of US-sponsored and Committed Terrorism in Syria

The USA combating terrorism is the most criminal joke over-consumed in the past 3 decades since the mysterious events of the two planes knocking down 3 different towers in New York and the ensuing war of terror the US has waged against the rest of the world out of those events, the Muslims being the ones paying the highest toll of the receiving end of the 'Western values' of invading, destabilizing, and destroying one Muslim and Muslim-majority country after the other under the guise of combating terrorism!

Syria was one of those countries that never threatened the USA or any other Western country, on the contrary, it helped thwart several terrorist plots against other countries, including terrorist plots against Western countries including the USA itself only to be rewarded by the 'Western values' of destruction and destabilization by Western-sponsored terrorism.

Within 48 hours, the US Army illegally deployed and operating in Syria along with its sponsored terrorists of Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Kurdish SDF separatists in several Syrian provinces.

In the Raqqa province, the Syrian Arab Army colonel heading the security committee in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor provinces and the head of the SAA artillery units in the region was assassinated with members of his regiment on the road to Raqqa by terrorists sponsored by the US Army.

Simultaneously, the US Army and its Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists were carrying out Hollywoodish-styled airdrops to pick up a commander of the US-sponsored ISIS terrorist organization which they could've easily done by calling the alleged terrorist on his advanced satellite communication device provided to him by the CIA.

Several civilians were killed and injured on a passenger bus in the countryside of Homs province when a terrorist group believed to be of the US-sponsored ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) terrorists fired an RPG at the bus.

Another airdrop was carried out by the US Army and its Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists in Hasakah province, the reason for which remains unknown.

Details of the above terrorist attacks are in this report: US-led Terrorism in Central and Northern Syria the Past 48 Hours.

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