Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Israel Bombs Southern Damascus Killing Two Civilians in a Glass Factory

Shortly after midnight the terrorist 'Jewish' state of Israel bombed several posts to the south of the Syrian capital Damascus from over the occupied Syrian Golan, one of the targets was a civilian glass factory where two workers were killed.

Syrian Arab Army's air defense units did an incredible job shooting down most of the incoming missiles in several waves.

There is no news of other casualties, material damages were reported by a Syrian military spokesperson and by locals.

This is the 4th Israeli bombing of posts in Syria in the past week, and yet, we are waiting for the so-called international community to condemn the barbaric terrorist attacks on the sovereignty of an establishing member of the United Nations.

Coordinated terrorist attacks by NATO armies, the Turkish army in the north and the US army in the southeast and northeast of Syria, Al Qaeda terrorist attacks and by explosive devices targeting hospitals and buses, and massacres by ISIS remnants against farmers collecting truffles in the central Syrian desert, it's the terrorist war by the NATO 'defensive' alliance and its proxies against the Syrian people.

US-led camp of evil countries, statelets, and terrorist groups is acting out of desperation, the world is de-dollarizing at an accelerating pace, NATO is being dealt a humiliating and strategic defeat in Ukraine especially as the Russian troops have entered the center of Bakhmut city, and the rapprochements between Iran and Saudi Arabia, one of the US's previous faithful proxies, and lastly, the steps taken by Arab states to mend ties with Syria, nothing is working in favor of the Biden's 'inclusive' junta.

More about yesterday night's Israel's terrorist attack in this report: Israel’s Terrorist Bombing of Southern Damascus Kills Two Civilians.

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