Thursday, April 27, 2023

Biden Murders 3 More Syrian Children in Hasakah

US Army working for the demented war criminal Joe Biden added 3 more Syrian children to their toll of victims in the country they're demonstrating their 'Western values' in.

Biden Murders 3 More Syrian Children in Hasakah

A group of children were playing not far from their homes in the Tal Tamr region of Hasakah province, northeast of Syria when they stepped on a landmine that tore their little bodies apart, 2 of them died on the spot, a 3rd on the way to the hospital, and two more remain in critical condition in the hospital suffering from injuries caused by shrapnel, by the time of this report.

The landmine was planted by the US Army near their make-shift illegal base to steal Syrian oil and wheat. The US Army is illegally deployed and illegally operates in Syria with no mandate from the United Nations Security Council or from the Syrian government.

While the Biden junta claim they are in Syria to combat ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), the terrorist organization seems to only grow in number and strength where the US Army and its Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists exist.

Syrian children and Syrian farmers are among the highest number of casualties from tens of thousands of landmines planted by all terrorist forces that invaded Syria since early 2011 including NATO's US, UK, French, Danish, Australian, Turkish, and other armies, al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Kurdish SDF separatists.

The US Army has no right to establish any sort of bases in Syria let alone plant landmines around them to 'defend' themselves.

More about this latest war crime by Biden's armies of terror in this report: Biden Occupation Forces Kill 3 Kids; Planted Mines Near ‘Base’.

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