Sunday, March 19, 2023

Ukrainian Clown Imposes Sanctions on the Syrian President!

Under a regime of sanctions signed by the Clown of Kiev, the personal assets of Syrian President Bashar al Assad, the Syrian Prime Minister, and the Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs will be frozen in Ukraine, and they will not be able to invest in whatever is left of Ukraine for 10 years!

Don’t Laugh: Zelensky Imposes Sanctions against President Assad!

This must be a very critical issue for the Syrian top officials targeted in this set of sanctions which is so important that the Ukrainian president and his legal team had to put aside the fate of thousands of their troops in Bakhmut to impose sanctions on these three gentlemen.

Are these signs of desperation? Definitely. The targeted individuals in the Kiev clown's sanctions are already sanctioned by the collective west and for years, surely, they don't have any investments outside Syria, otherwise, the western propagandists will be dancing on their screens all day long celebrating, like what they did when Russian Central Bank assets were frozen before they discovered that most of what they froze simply vanished.

I repeated the word clown a couple of times so far because that is exactly what drove the Ukrainian addict to some special white powder to go out of his way and call on for those sanctions, that's the term President Assad called him in an interview with Russian media during his official visit to Moscow.

When the clown of Kiev with the massive support he received from the entire West and with his army being prepared to take on the Russian Army for over 8 years was wiped out and he lost over a third of his country and is about to lose more when facing only a limited part of the Russian Army, while the Syrian President managed not only to hold his country over 12 years being under attack, militarily and economically, by the same parties supporting the clown of Kiev, ie NATO with its first and second-strongest armies directly involved, the European Union, the super-rich Gulfies, and the world's largest army of terrorists, over 350,000 of them.

Feeling small before an accomplished highly-educated leader like President Assad makes someone like the clown of Kiev feel envious.

More in this report: Don’t Laugh: Zelensky Imposes Sanctions against President Assad!.

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