Thursday, March 30, 2023

Israel Commits another Terrorist Attack Bombs Damascus Outskirts

Two Syrian army soldiers were injured and material damage was caused by Israel's latest terrorist attack against the Syrian Capital Damascus after 1 am.

US-protectorate Israel fired a barrage of missiles from over the occupied Syrian Golan targeting a Syrian army post on the southern outskirts of Damascus, two of the soldiers at the post were injured as per a Syrian ministry of defense military spokesperson.

This latest terrorist attack comes 10 days after Israel's war crime bombing of Aleppo International Airport for the second time this year and after its previous terrorist attack against residential neighborhoods in Damascus on the 19th of last month.

In short, so-called Israel is a terrorist organization, it's an entity built over the stolen land of the Palestinians, Lebanese, Jordanians, and Syrians with the help of the Europeans and the USA who wanted to get rid of their poorer Jewish population with the help of their richer fanatic Jews.

It's condemned by the real Jews the likes of Neturei Karta anti-Zionist group. Zionism, the religion of Israel is an anti-Jewish political movement sponsored by the world's most degenerate regimes like the White House Junta, the UK governments, and the western 'elites'.

'Israel' is what the prophecies said the kingdom of the antichrist, to make it clearer to the blind Evangelicals who believe serving the antichrist and his Zionist slaves is serving God. The aggressive and criminal nature of Israel and its people should be an awakening slap to those supporting it, and their victims are the real Semite people, the people of the Levant, the descendants of Sam the son of Noah.

More about this latest Israeli terrorist attack in this report: Israel Bombs Damascus from over the Syrian Golan, Again!

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