Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Iran Joins the Turkish Rapprochement efforts through Russia

Iran has managed to enter the current talks initiated by the Turkish madman Erdogan in his quest for a rapprochement with Syria with Russian mediation.

Iran Joins the Turkish Rapprochement efforts through Russia

Russian FM Lavrov confirmed in the presence of the Egyptian FM at Moscow that Iran will be part of the ongoing talks between Syria and Turkey through Russia, the Egyptian FM represents the US-led camp that includes the Gulfies, the main sponsors of the terrorist groups in Syria, mainly Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

As the Turkish presidential elections are looming and the chances of the Turkish madman Erdogan winning yet another re-election to keep him in power for more than 2 decades already, the Turkish madman called on his buddy, Russian President Putin to arrange for a summit with President Assad which Erdogan would be using as his marketing card that an agreement was reached with President Assad on returning the Syrian refugees from Turkey.

The Turkish opposition is using the Syrian refugees in Turkey card to expose Erdogan's criminal involvement in uprooting them from their country, being a main actor in causing the Syrian problem in the first place, and the pressure of the Syrian refugees on the collapsing Turkish economy due to Erdogan's failed economic policies despite the enormous financial aid he secured from Qatar and Russia.

Many Turkish media outlets, independent and those representing the opposition parties in Turkey, are suspicious of the special relationship between Putin and Erdogan and the favors Putin would give Erdogan to help him win the elections even if it was on the account of Syria, the intentions of the Turkish media in raising these suspicions are unclear.

This was followed by continuous pressuring efforts by President Putin on President Assad to help Erdogan without the latter giving any proper concessions to Syria, Syria is asking for the unconditional withdrawal of Turkish occupation troops from Syria at the least, to wither these pressuring efforts, the Turkish media are saying that Syria called on Iran to join these ongoing talks.

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