Tuesday, January 31, 2023

US Terrorists Blow-up a Bus Injuring 15 Syrian Policemen in Daraa

US-sponsored ISIS remnants in the southern Syrian province of Daraa blew up a roadside bomb in a bus carrying Syrian policemen, 15 of the passengers were injured in the terrorist attack, and 7 of the cases are described as severe.

US Terrorists Blow-up a Bus Injuring 15 Syrian Policemen in Daraa

The terrorist attack occurred yesterday near the Khirbet Ghazaleh bridge in the northern Daraa countryside on the Damascus - Daraa highway, the Syrian ministry of interior said the policemen were on their way back after serving in their designated units.

All police units and ambulances within reach were dispatched to the site of the explosion, the Daraa Police Command started an immediate investigation, and the ambulances rushed the injured to several hospitals, the statement of the ministry of interior concluded.

Daraa province was finally cleaned from the US-sponsored terrorists, the last group to flee were remnants of ISIS (ISIL - Daesh), an offshoot terrorist organization of Al Qaeda, both created, armed, trained, and commanded by the CIA and the US Army illegally operating in Syria.

The illegal US Army's military base in the Syrian Al Tanf hosts and trains hundreds of ISIS remnants, overtly and by an admission from the Pentagon, the terrorists supervised in this base were first renamed to Maghawir Thawra (revolution vanguards), and recently were rebranded again after the links to ISIS were more than obvious to Syrian Free Army. 12 years ago, the US invented the Free Syrian Army and now it's back to Syrian Free Army!

The illegal US Army base in Al Tanf provides its ISIS terrorists with a secure zone that stretches 55 kilometers around its perimeters.

More in this report: US-sponsored ISIS Attack Syrian Police Bus, 15 Policemen Injured.

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