Saturday, January 14, 2023

Putin wants Assad to Help Erdogan win the Elections, Badly!

The last hope the Turkish madman Erdogan has to win the re-elections coming mid-May this year is mending ties with Syria and the end of the refugees issue in Turkey, at least that's the main cause the polled Turkish voters said they're weighing their opinions on.

President Assad Resisting Russian Pressure to Help Erdogan
President Bashar Assad receiving Putin's special envoy in Damascus

The only man to help him do so is the Syrian President Bashar Assad who the Turkish madman Erdogan placed the entirety of his regime's resources on toppling, and the only person who would have influence over the Syrian president without Erdogan needing to change his enmity toward Syria would be the Russian President Putin, or that's what Erdogan and Mr. Putin think.

For Syria, and President Assad, mending ties with Turkey is very much within the reach, however, it's Turkey that has to decide on that by practical moves to mend those ties starting with the withdrawal of the Turkish army from Syrian territories, stopping the support for Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorist groups in northern Syria, and allowing the Syrian refugees to return to their home country.

President Assad long ago expressed in an interview with the Syrian main news channel Ikhbariya his willingness to meet the Turkish madman Erdogan if the latter carries out the above-mentioned steps, as much as he will be 'disgusted to do so' meeting someone like Erdogan, President Assad stated.

For the Russian president to continue to exert pressure on Syria and on President Assad to help the Turkish madman Erdogan based on promises that after the elections Erdogan will make some positive moves toward Syria is rather foolish and harmful, foolish because Erdogan has failed his promises so many times so far with Putin, especially on the Syrian issue, foolish also, because Erdogan is a NATO leader, none of the leaders of this 'defensive' alliance proved worthy of their commitment by abiding treaties, let alone by promises; and harmful because the Syrian people continue to suffer and bleed from Erdogan's criminal policies against Syria.

Turkey is the main base that NATO used and continues to use to wage its war of terror and war of attrition against the Syrian people, and nothing changed.

President Assad continues to resist the pressure from the Russian president, the latest was conveyed by Putin's special envoy to Syria, let's hope Mr. Putin would exert some pressure on the Turkish madman to stop his war crimes against Syria and his buddy, Erdogan, would have better chances in winning the re-elections he desperately needs to stay out of prison, he and his family and business associates in Turkey.

The Turkish madman Erdogan might have been of some help to Russia in some ways, however, his harm to Russia is way more than whatever help he's presenting, and more importantly, Syria has paid way more than enough on the global altar to balance the world order.

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