Friday, January 27, 2023

Another Al Qaeda Levant Commander Killed by a Drone

Another Al Qaeda Levant senior commander was killed in northern Syria, this time by a drone attack, and also this time, nobody is claiming responsibility for this attack 3 days later.

Another Al Qaeda Levant Commander Killed by a Drone

He was called Saddam Al Mousa, in case you're interested, he was also nicknamed Abu Adi, matching the first name and the nickname of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and he was killed along with some sheep near his house in the countryside of Al Bab city in the eastern countryside of Aleppo in northern Syria.

This terrorist took control of a makeshift checkpoint on an important crossing in the same area where he was killed, the crossing was generating considerable income by extorting lots of money from the Syrian civilians and goods crossing through it, some local sources hint that his refusal to share those spoils with other terrorists would have been behind his liquidating.

Other sources referred to the long violent and criminal career of this individual that earned him enemies on all fronts.

The person most saddened by the liquidation of this terrorist is no other than the top leader of all the anti-Islamic Jihadi terrorists in northern Syria, the Turkish madman Erdogan, while the Syrian people see the end of this creature as a blessing.

More in this report: Turkey-sponsored Al Qaeda Commander Droned with Some Sheep.

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