Thursday, December 22, 2022

US Army Moving ISIS Commanders Around in Syria!

It would be a surprise to the few who still believe that the USA is combating ISIS, especially the branch of ISIS in Syria, the moves of the US army there are so blatant and in broad daylight, it cannot be missed by the people of the region, the latest of which was removing 6 ISIS commanders from a heated zone toward safety.

US Army Moving ISIS Commanders Around in Syria!

The US Central Command, the headquarters of the US Army operating illegally in Syria issued a statement confirming they carried out a helicopter airlifting operation of ISIS terrorists, though they had to play with the wording of their statement to not much success.

In their statement the US CENTCOM claimed they detained 6 terrorists in the helicopter raid in eastern Syria, they couldn't identify the place the terrorists were presumably detained from and they couldn't name any of the ISIS 6 terrorists despite claiming their raid came after extensive planning!

To be fair, the US CENTCOM statement did mention a single name of the 6 ISIS commandos they airlifted but only by his last name al-Zubaydi, it's like telling they captured Mr. Smith, a very common family name in Iraq, even though they had enough time to plan the operation and they claim to have this person alive and the other 5 as well.

The US army and all its coalition member forces are operating illegally in Syria without the consent of the Syrian government and without a mandate by the United Nations Security Council, the US troops in Syria if captured by any armed forces or law enforcement would not enjoy the status of prisoners of wars for the aforementioned reason and also because their country has not declared war on Syria and in addition to that, they are repeatedly caught helping terrorist groups and are in the daily act of stealing Syrian oil and wheat.

Not to mention that ISIS (ISIL - Daesh) has never attacked US troops in Syria and only attacks the Syrian army and Syrian people despite the fact that US troops are easier for ISIS to attack and despite the claims of US officials that their sole mission in Syria is to combat ISIS!

More in this report: US Army Helicopters Airlift 6 ISIS Commanders in Eastern Syria.

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