Monday, November 14, 2022

Israel Bombs a Syrian Military Airbase to Help ISIS

In its ever exchanging roles with the USA, Israel bombed a Syrian military airbase in the central province of Homs to help ISIS terrorists operating in the same region, the same airbase was earlier bombed by the USA for the same purpose.

Israel Bombs a Syrian Military Airbase to Help ISIS

The Ash Sha'irat military airbase (aka Ttayass Base) was bombed by Israel from over Lebanon in the early hours of the evening, Sunday 13 November, the bombing killed 2 Syrian soldiers, injured 3 others, and resulted in material damage.

A Syrian air defense unit near the airbase shot down a significant number of the incoming missiles but was overwhelmed by the number of missiles fired by the Israeli warplanes, Israel does not both about the cost of its military budget, it's over 100% subsidized by the so-called collective west.

The targeted airbase is responsible for commanding the operations against the US-sponsored ISIS terrorists in the Syrian desert, no coincidences at all, right?

Trump bombed the same airbase with 60 Tomahawk cruise missiles in 2017 in a message of support for the terrorist groups fighting against the Syrian people.

Mor in this report: Isreal Bombs Syrian Military Airport Killing Syrian Army Soldiers.

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