Monday, November 28, 2022

Atrocities by the Defensive Alliance against the Syrian People

NATO is a defensive alliance, its leaders say, to prove it's a defensive alliance it invades countries that want to be independent, especially countries rich in their resources or are located in a geographical area in the way of the plundering of other countries rich in their resources.

This report covers a small part of the war crimes committed against the Syrian people on daily basis by NATO member Turkey, the second-largest army in the defensive alliance:

Under the guise of first spreading democracy, then combating terrorism, NATO recruited tens of thousands of terrorists from all sides of the planet, moved them around many countries en route to Syria, trained them, armed them, funded them then unleashed them on the Syrian people, and continues to do so.

When the proxy terrorists get defeated or need a hand in their crimes, their sponsors come to help be it the so-called coalition or individual countries like the USA, UK, and Turkey or entities like Israel.

Ask yourself when was the last time a NATO country was invaded and this defensive alliance was needed to defend it? Then ask yourself how many wars NATO, collectively and individually are involved in?

More in this report: NATO Turkey’s Unreported War Crimes against the Syrian People.

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