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How Did the Syrian President Assad Tilt the Global Power?

The job of the western mainstream media, the mouthpieces of the US and British permanent states, and their regional stooges is to demonize Syrian President Bashar Assad and his government, belittle all his country's achievements, magnify their missteps, failures in some cases, and picture the man, and his country as in total reliance on others, Iran in some cases, and Russia in this case. The truth is totally the opposite and if one follows western mainstream media carefully, one should not be surprised to learn this MSM establishment only tells fake news.

Syrian President Bashar Assad
Syrian President Bashar Al Assad

Most people believe that the Syrian crisis started in March 2011 by so-called peaceful protesters brutally put out by a ruthless regime, just like how most westerners are told by their lying state-controlled mainstream media that the crisis in Ukraine started in February this year when Russia invaded its tiny peaceful neighbor, both narratives are totally untrue.

I will not discuss the Russian - Ukrainian - NATO part, there's plenty of information out there for those concerned who can start with the European Union and the United Nations various reports documenting the killing of up to 14,000 innocent people in the former Ukrainian Donbas region at the hands of the Kiev guys.

I will not also detail how the Syrian crisis is not about peaceful protesters demanding freedoms and democracies being met with oppression, there is plenty of evidence that the Syrian people were facing US-led terrorist groups, the likes of Al Qaeda and its ISIS offshoot; I've written thousands of articles here and on my site exposing western hypocrisy and war crimes in creating and sponsoring those terrorist groups in my country.

I will only share with you here my reply to a question put in the social Q and A wiki platform, Quora, in which I explained how it was not the Syrian President Assad relying on Russia's help to save him, it's the Syrian president and the Syrian people literally saving Russia and other countries like Iran.

A member of Quora asked the question: Does Syrian President Bashar al-Assad need Russian help?

Some answers went into detailing how Syria is dependent on Russia's help and how Russia saved Assad, belittling Syria's efforts and magnifying its missteps and failures. The following is a copy of my evidence-supported answer to the question on Quora, sharing it on this platform to preserve it from Quora's heavy censorship and to share the information with the readers here:

People are generally taken by the current situation and tend to forget what leads us to now. The general idea now is that Russia saved Syria, the reality of what happened is totally the opposite, let me explain how:

Somewhere between 2007 and 2008, Syria was offered substantial investments, integrating in the Western sphere of influence, and the offers were conveyed to President Assad by the Qataris, Saudis, French President Sarkozy, Turkish madman Erdogan, and even the British government and not to mention the direct offer by the USA, those offers had the conditions of shifting Syria’s policies 180 degrees: cut ties with Russia, Iran, and the Palestinian factions, sign a peace treaty with Israel that would keep parts of the Syrian Golan under Israeli occupation in exchange for some 99 years lease, and the most important part was to allow a Qatari gas pipeline through Syria to Turkey and then Europe.

All these conditions were a betrayal of what Syria stands for and have been standing for suffering much from the immoral western regimes and their regional satellite states for decades.

On the Syrian Golan, Bill Clinton tried to argue with Assad Senior in Geneva to achieve peace with Israel and forego a few meters to the north of the Tabaraya Lake (Sea of Galilee), the northern shore to remain under Israel’s occupation would not only keep Syrian sovereign land under occupation and secure the anti-Jewish Zionist regime, it will mean also depriving the Syrians in the Golan of their own water. Assad Sr. response to Bill Clinton: ‘If I sign any agreement letting out an inch of the Syrian land, my own bodyguards will consider me a traitor and will execute me.’

Cutting Syria’s ties with the Palestinian factions and the Lebanese resistance factions was not an option at all, Syria, throughout its history, has helped every single liberation movement because it has faced all sorts of occupation and oppression and the Syrians understand very well the suffering of people under occupation. Letting go of the support the Palestinians and Lebanese need to confront the Israeli occupation, oppression, and war crimes would not be accepted by the vast majority of the Syrian people.

The most important aspect of the PNAC (Project for the New American Century) cheerleaders and the Greater Israel Project was to severe Syria’s ties to both Iran and Russia, allowing the Qatari gas pipeline through Syria into Turkey and Europe would have brought to Syria billions of dollars annually in transit revenue, in addition to the security promises offered by the Western powers and we all know they never abide by their own promises, but the biggest losers would be both Iran and Russia, both back then were highly dependent on selling their gas to Europe and other buyers.

China would have also suffered as well, back in 2007, there was no Power of Siberia gas pipeline, and Syria shifting into the western hegemony would free up NATO, the ‘defensive’ alliance and their stooges, namely the global terrorism funding states Saudi and Qataris, the creators and sponsors of terrorist groups, the USA and UK, and other NATO members allowing them to focus on China while watching both Iran and Russia suffer economic unrest and internal collapse.

Bashar Assad instead offered the countries of the region an alternative, it was his Five Seas initiative, an economic zone that would include all the countries shoring the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, and the Red Sea.

A the same time, President Assad shared the information with President Putin and the Iranians and in exchange was offered full support when the western powers would go after Syria, which they did and which it took the Iranians 2.5 years to come to Syria’s help, and the Russians 4.5 years (March 2011 to the end of September 2015). And both came in shy and couldn’t help much economically until this very day.

Some in the decision-making circles in both Iran and Russia saw an opportunity to open up to the western powers and their regional stooges instead of firmly standing by Syria, thinking they’re carrying out calculated pragmatic policies before realizing they were on the US’s target list and there’s no way they could avoid a direct confrontation without Syria standing up to the full might of NATO and the largest army of terrorists the world ever saw.

Read: The Defeat of the Largest Terrorist Army on Earth

So basically, Syria helped Russia allowing it to build up its army, its security forces, and its economy by taking up the main fight against the US and stooges and paying a hefty price for that. Syria’s help to the Iraqi resistance forces fighting the US and UK occupation was essential for them, the same with the Syrian help to the Lebanese resistance, mainly Hezb Allah, and to the Palestinian factions.

Syria facing up the USA and its stooges weakened the evil powers in our region, and the Syrians defeating Al Qaeda and ISIS destroyed the backbone of NATO’s proxy forces.

There are several statements by Russia’s Putin and by the top officials of Hezb Allah and the Palestinian factions. Putin saying: if we didn’t go to fight the terrorists in Syria, we will be fighting them on the streets of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Hezb Allah chief and top leaders remind in their speeches each time the importance of Syria’s aid, militarily, with weapons, and with logistical support to win the battles until May 2000 against Israel which saw the liberation of over 90% of southern Lebanon. And to withstand the Israeli 34 days of aggression in 2006 and win that war imposed on them. And Syria’s aid to the Palestinian factions helped them liberate Gaza Strip and withstand continuous Israeli aggression attempts leading to the last one where the Palestinian Islamic Jihad faction alone was able to stand up to the Israeli army.

Read: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Single-handedly Defeated Israel in Gaza.


Syrian Arab Army Killed 5,000 Chechen Terrorists and Gifted Russia 4,200 More.

Not during our times, when history is objectively written, the story of how Syria, the small country in West Asia tilted the balance of the world’s power back to a multipolar base instead of the unipolar US-led world order.

Haters can hate, they cannot deny the facts on the ground, Syria helped Russia much more than the latter helped Syria. President Assad saved Russia and Iran, and the people of the region, and even all of the Global South, while Syria’s allies are coming to Syria’s aid in much smaller steps than what they’re helping Syria’s main adversaries: Israel, and the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan.

End of my answer on Quora.

Syria has been paying a hefty price on behalf of humanity since its foundation, like a millennium or more before any other civilization on the planet. Yes, Syria is the oldest continuous civilization entity on this planet, like it or hate it, 12 thousand years and counting.

“We shall remember ...... Damascus, the "Pearl of the East", the pride of Syria, the fabled garden of Eden, the home of princes and genii of the Arabian Nights, the oldest metropolis on Earth, the one city in all the world that has kept its name and held its place and looked serenely on while the Kingdoms and Empires of four thousand years have risen to life, enjoyed their little season of pride and pomp, and then vanished and been forgotten.”
~Mark Twain

Your objective comments are always welcome.

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