Monday, August 22, 2022

Syrian Security Officer Assassinated by Terrorists in Daraa

US-sponsored terrorists operating in the southern region continue their war crimes against the Syrian people taking advantage of the protection and support they receive from the US army's illegal military base in Al Tanf in the southeastern Syrian desert.

US-sponsored Terrorists Assassinate Security Officer in Daraa

The latest crime of the remnants of ISIS (ISIL Daesh) was the assassination of a security officer in the center of the city of Daraa.

Police reports indicated that a sticky explosive device was placed on a taxi while going through the streets of Daraa in which 1st Lt Muhammad Juma Al-Ahmad was, the explosion killed the officer on the site and destroyed the vehicle.

Upon the liberation of the southern region from ISIS and its affiliated terrorist groups in two phases in 2018 and early last year, a considerable number of those terrorists fled to the open desert area connecting Syria with Iraq and Jordan, in the junction between these three countries the US army built its military base, contrary to the US propaganda that the US is operating in Syria, though illegally, to combat terrorism, the terrorists when fleeing the Syrian security they hide in the vicinity of the US army base.

Similar to how ISIS and other Al Qaeda leaders live safely under the protection of NATO's second-largest army, the Turkish army occupying parts of northern Syria, their colleagues, and the remnants of ISIS in the south live safely under the protection of NATO's largest army, the US army.

More in this report: US-sponsored Terrorists Assassinate Security Officer in Daraa.

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