Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Al Qaeda in Syria Using US Guided Missiles to Attack the Syrian Army

Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria used an expensive US missile to attack a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) military base in the northwestern countryside of Hama, Central Syria.

Erdogan’s Al Qaeda attacked a Syrian Army Base with a US Missile

Though not confirmed by official Syrian military sources, the Turkey-backed Al Qaeda Levant terrorists (aka HTS aka Nusra Front among other names) claim they attacked a military base for the SAA near a small village in the Al Ghab Plains not far from the provincial borders with Idlib.

The Al Qaeda terrorists claimed on their social media accounts that they used a US TOW missile in their attack which, again as per their sources, inflicted casualties of dead and injured soldiers in the Syrian military base.

Jaysh Al Nasr (Army of Conquest) who claimed responsibility of this latest attack which allegedly took place yesterday, 1st of August 2022, is one of the terrorist groups operating under the wider umbrella of Al Qaeda Levant backed by the regime of the Turkish madman Erdogan, NATO's second-largest member country and army.

This terrorist group is also one of the beneficiaries of the 'humanitarian corridor' aka Al Qaeda lifeline supply that breaches Syrian sovereignty and delivers aid from their sponsors in Turkey into the regions they occupy in the Syrian Idlib province, the lifeline is operating under the United Nations Security Council mandate, just imagine all of this absurdity in just one line. The Al Qaeda lifeline supply route was renewed for an additional six months upon its expiry last month under extreme pressure from NATO members of the UNSC.

More about yesterday's alleged attack and related information in addition to an interactive map in my report on Syria News: Erdogan’s Al Qaeda attacked a Syrian Army Base with a US Missile.

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