Monday, July 25, 2022

Turkish Madman Erdogan Bombs Mini Hagia Aya Sophia Church in Central Syria

A small replica of the Hagia Sophia Church which the anti-Islamic Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan stole, again, and turned into a mosque was built in Syria with the help of the Russian Orthodox Church, yesterday and during its inauguration, the Al Qaeda terrorists loyal to Erdogan bombed the ceremony using kamikaze drones.

At least two were killed, one of them a soldier of the Syrian Arab Army, and several others injured from the heinous attack. The ceremony was attended by the Russian Orthodox Priest of the Hmeimim Airbase in Syria.

In Islam, it's a major crime to attack a worshiping place of any faith, it's completely forbidden to take a church or even a synagogue for whatever reason including turning them into a mosque, the neo-Ottomans, like their original version do not understand this because they use Islam only as a cover for their crimes not as a way for life to fool the naive that they are real Muslims.

In the morning time, it was festive, the believers gathered to celebrate the opening of the church and to commemorate the one stolen by the neo-Ottomans in Turkey, and in the evening, the same believers, less in numbers because of the ones killed and injured, gathered to pray for the rest of the souls of those killed and for the healing of those wounded.

Western mainstream media doesn't think this is a story of importance to break their news with and broadcast about it around the day, it's not useful for their demonizing Syria propaganda they've been working on for the past 11.5 years, and it's also not useful for whitewashing their terrorists in Syria.

More about yesterday's attack in this report by Prominent American Political Analyst Miri Wood: NATO Drones Murder Syrians at Church Inauguration in Hama.

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NATO Drones Murder Syrians at Church Inauguration in Hama

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