Sunday, July 10, 2022

Syria Rebuilding what the USA, its Allies and Proxies Destroyed

The USA is not in the business of building nations, it's in the business of destroying civilizations, devastating countries, then replicating failed states headed by puppets wherever it goes, just look at the trail of nations the USA went in and 'built' those nations, start with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia...

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Syria is where the trail of nations' destruction by the USA stopped or as one 'strategic thinker' of a US 'think tank' put it: 'Syria buried PNAC, PNAC happens to be the Project for the New American Century.

The Syrians not only stopped the trail of destruction, their steadfastness and fighting back gave enough space, and resilience to other nations, mainly Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and even China, the US-led war of terror and war of attrition on Syria cost the USA 7 trillion dollars, those are somehow the findings of Donald Trump when he calculated the results of the US wars for Israel.

Back to the subject, even as the Syrians are still combating the worse of the terrorists in the US proxy mercenaries, as well as fighting against NATO's two largest armies, the US and Turkish armies, and with them Israel, the rebuilding has already started.

One of the main targets of the US-sponsored 'freedom fighters' or call them 'moderate rebels' in Syria was the electricity sector, entire power stations were destroyed, and the entire grid was attacked constantly with poles, cables, transformers, and substations dismantled and destroyed, and public workers in the electricity sector were lynched, publicly. That's the level of 'suffering' the US wanted the Syrians to endure to accept its appointed SNC or Syrian National Council instead of their own state.

The Aleppo Thermal Power Station, a multi-million dollars station was bombed by the US-led coalition under the guise of combating terrorists then when the terrorists occupied the area, they went inside and dismantled and blew up what survived the bombing, after the liberation of that area by the Syrian Arab Army and its allied forces, the work started to restore the station.

If the bombing and dismantling of the station were not enough, the US and its EU cronies imposed a total blockade against Syria which extended to impose sanctions on third countries dealing with Syria and the Syrian banking system making it near impossible to import much-needed equipment so the Syrian technicians had to improvise and build the needed equipment by themselves and that's what they did.

President Assad attended the relaunch of the 5th generating unit the Aleppo power station, the video above with English subtitles shows the station and the workers, more in this report: President Assad Tours Newly Reconstructed Aleppo Thermal Power Station.

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President Assad Tours Newly Reconstructed Aleppo Thermal Power Station

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