Thursday, June 16, 2022

US Airdrop in Northern Syria Captures ISIS Leader

The title sounds as if the USA is combating terror, that's what a statement by the so-called Operation Inherent Resolve said, read on, you're in for a treat.

At dawn, US military helicopters carried out an airdrop operation in the vicinity of Jarabulus in the northern Aleppo countryside of northern Syria, the statement said adding that a leading commander of ISIS was captured in the operation and vowed to fight the terrorist group until success, or whatever.

First of all, the US army and its coalition operate illegally in Syria as they have never obtained the Syrian state's approval, on the contrary, the Syrian government calls them occupiers, describe their actions as war crimes, demands their leave, and have them marked for confrontation when the opportunity arises.

Similarly in Iraq, if this US-led coalition had any legitimacy in 2014, it lost it all after Trump killed Iranian most revered army general Soleimani and the Iraqi 2nd in command of the PMU, the main two men who led the fight against ISIS in Iraq, and to large extent in Syria. After this war crime, in the eyes of international law the Iraqi Parliament voted to expel all US troops from their country.

Going a little back in time, all indications and many testimonies point to the US and British 'intelligence' services in creating Al Qaeda in Iraq and morphing what was Mujahideen in Afghanistan into the terrorist organization we know.

Similarly, as well, in Syria, ISIS was what 'Moderate Rebels' the US founded and sponsored through this day became, some US officials admitted they watched it grow and wanted it to threaten Damascus, these particular words were said by then US secretary of state Kerry.

Leave all of that aside and think: Isn't Turkey the 2nd strongest member of NATO? How come all of ISIS (aka ISIL) leaders are found in regions under the control of the Turkish army and Turkish 'intelligence' in Idlib (Baghdadi), in Istanbul (his successor), and now this guy near Jarabuls? And barely meters from the Turkish military?!

More about this latest US PR stunt of capturing an ISIS asset in this report: Another Blow to Erdogan: US Snatches Top ISIS Leader in Northern Syria.

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Another Blow to Erdogan: US Snatches Top ISIS Leader in Northern Syria

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