Sunday, June 5, 2022

NATO Turkey Went Full-on War against Syrian Civilians in Northern Syria

Turkey, under the leadership of the enemy of Islam and all of humanity the madman Erdogan, thought of grasping the minute with this guy's lunatic plans to become a neo-Ottoman sultan, taking advantage of the major distraction in Ukraine, Erdogan and his Al Qaeda affiliates are working hard to Israelize large area of Syrian territories by the same exact tactics used by the European anti-Jewish Zionist settlers in Palestine: genocide, shelling cities and villages indiscriminately, and cold-blood murder of civilians.

The world underestimates the bloodthirst of NATO leaders, they just need a chance to go on full bloodbaths in areas they can reach, it's something out of the medieval times in their nature, Erdogan, the second strongest leader of NATO is one of the clique who doesn't miss a chance to carry out his ethnic-cleansing of human beings because they do not follow his British-made twisted version of Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a carbon copy of the Al Saud Wahhabi version of Islam which sees all other Muslims, the 95% of them, as their main enemies and they work to eliminate them with all the help they can get from their other NATO allies and masters.

Syrians living near the borders with Turkey are the least lucky Syrians who have to live under constant threat from the NATO Turkish army, NATO-sponsored Al Qaeda aka Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Levant), its affiliates, and the NATO US-sponsored Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, all go under softening labels in the west: freedom fighters for the Al Qaeda thugs, and Syrian Democratic Forces for the Kurdish thugs.

The villages of Umm Harmala and Dada Abdul Shamal, the town of Abu Rasin in the northeast Syria, the countryside of Ayn Issa, Al Dibs, and Qazali in northern Raqqa province, the residents of the city of Manbij in eastern Aleppo countryside, the people of Afrin in the northwestern Aleppo countryside, and the village of Al-Berka in Hama northern countryside all came under the shelling and attacks of the combination of NATO forces: Al Qaeda, the Turkish Army, and the Kurdish SDF separatist terrorists, casualties, properties damaged, and thousands of people were displaced.

This report with a map details further: NATO Turkey Launches New Attacks, Competes with SDF for Ethnic Cleansing of Syria.

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