Saturday, May 21, 2022

US-Israel Bombs Damascus International Airport Late Last Night

The USA and its mini the anti-Jewish Zionist state so-called Israel bombed Damascus International Airport yesterday shortly before midnight, the bombing resulted in the deaths of a civilian and 3 Syrian army air defense personnel, material damage to properties and within the airport, fire, and disruption in the commercial flights' schedule.

Had any other party bombed any commercial airport of any country on the planet, the news would have been flooding all the mainstream media, screams of condemnation from western officials deafening the world, and hysterical pledges to support the attacked would be the talk of the hour, except when the USA or any of its proxies commits such war crimes.

The civilian victim was the head of the labors department in the cargo section of Damascus International Airpot, the 3 SAA officers were manning an air defense unit positioned to the west of the airport, the airport itself is situated some 20 kilometers (13 miles) to the southwest of the Syrian capital Damascus.

Mini-USA Israel fired a barrage of missiles from over the occupied Syrian Golan toward the international airport and its vicinity, it's the second Israeli bombing in a week, and we lost count of the Israeli bombings during the year, the Israelis are frustrated with the loss of their Nazis in the Ukrainian Azovstal complex in Mariupol, the previous Israeli aggression also occurred on the same day the Russians made significant gains militarily and economically in their 'special military operation to protect the people of the Donbas' in Ukraine.

More in this report: Syria: Israeli War Crimes, Increase in NATO Attempts at New Sykes-Picot.

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