Saturday, May 7, 2022

China Fires a Bullet to the Heart of Foreign PC Makers

The Chinese government ordered its gigantic apparatus to ditch foreign PCs and replace them with domestic brands, a strike seems to be out of security concern but it can also be seen as a response to the enmity of western, especially US policies toward the world's largest population.

Up to 50 million computers would be affected by this bold strategic move.

Bloomberg reported that all state agencies and organizations to instruct to replace their existing foreign brands, the likes of HP and Dell, with Chinese PC brands like Lenovo and Kingsoft, after all, most of the components of the foreign brands are made in China, so why to pay the royalty to those calling you their enemy and relentlessly plotting to destroy you?!

Those two Chinese brands mentioned above, Lenovo and Kingsoft, in addition to others listed the local markets saw their stock prices rise between 4 - 10% on the account of foreign companies, Bloomberg noted.

The USA bullied the world into globalism when it was in its favor to build its own elites' economy on the account of the rest of the world, it is now hopelessly trying to save what's left of its domestic production by bullying other nations under sanctions, what the US officials do not want to understand is overusing a tool is very counterproductive, sanctions have proven to backfire the most, countries targeted with sanctions adapt to live with it by supporting their domestic industries without cowering to the US hegemony, it also brings those countries targeted by the US sanctions together, and we have reached a stage where the countries under US and western sanctions have added two super heavyweights: Russia and China.

In a very competitive global market where technology has moved to the east, the 'collective west' has shot itself not in the foot, but rather in its heart.

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